Sales Operations | JD Template

We’re searching for a Sales Operations Manager to join our team and assist our sales team in achieving our annual sales targets.

Building pitches and papers for the sales team, doing research and analysing data, and monitoring other administrative chores are all part of Sales Operations’ responsibility to ensure our company meets its sales targets.

Finally, you’ll collaborate with a sales team to support the overall sales process throughout the year.

Company Address 


Educational Qualifications

  • Proven work experience in a Sales Operations or comparable function
  • Sales Operations training and/or certifications are desired.

Skills required for the job

  • Strong grasp of the sales process to help the sales team 
  • Analytical skills are required to assess sales data and give recommendations for how to improve the sales process.
  • Working with several teams and departments to streamline onboarding and reporting is a plus.

Job Responsibilities

  • Take care of lead generation and scheduling.
  • For sales excellence, train people in products, markets, and processes.
  • Create product and campaign “go to market” models.
  • Increase sales rep efficiency by improving lead generation, transaction processing, and time management.
  • Employees should be hired, onboarded, and mentored.

Company Offerings

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