Why is HRMS better than traditional ways?

Technology has catered to every aspect of our lives, so it does to the business operation. With the application of AI, big data, robotics in modern machines, the process has now become more efficient with data-driven insight. It won’t be exaggerated if we call this recent technological shift a new industrial revolution.

Modern technological tools have changed the face of every department of companies. Especially in the HR department. There is no doubt that the HR department is the spine of every organization. The demand for the corporate world knows no limits, the same applies to the functions of HR. The responsibility of the HR department includes hiring, retaining great talent, filling skill gaps, providing overall good employee experience, building a good culture in an organization along with managing payroll, performance, and employee database such as leaves, attendance, shifts, etc. The burden of a lot of mundane manual work makes it tedious for HR professionals to contribute to the strategic part of the business.

Secure cloud-based database

Storage and maintenance of people’s data have been never been as easy as it is now. Traditionally data used to be stored in files which then was replaced by excel sheets, former one required a lot of physical space, and later one needed hard drive space. 

Meanwhile both these methods were prone to human mistakes. Modern HRMS tools stores and organizes all of the stored information of an employee during the whole life cycle on cloud-based servers. Then during hiring, onboarding, and building culture, it gives insightful data-driven reports which make the process more easy and productive which makes HRMS better than traditional ways.

Automation in manual tasks

HR Softwares comes with a diverse range of modules that automates almost all manual tasks of HR professionals. This gives time to the HR department to focus on people and culture rather than managing information and payroll. Amongst a lot of modules, HR software offers the most basic feature called Attendance management.

Now Let’s see how this most basic HRMS feature solves the most complex and time-consuming problems of HR. HRMS offers self clock-in and out features, by which employees can punch in and out which is integrated with payroll, performance, and timesheet and automatically pulls the attendance information required and it auto-generates payslips and performance reports without any need for separately entering of data in processing payroll and performance. Due to all these features HR tasks becomes easier to manage and hence it makes HRMS better than traditional ways.

Accuracy with statutory guidelines

Entering manual data not only costs a lot of time and effort but also is prone to contain some error. As they say “to err is human”. Wheres non-compliance of statutory guidelines can result in legal penalties and a bad reputation. HRMS sets the HR department free by taking care of compliances such as PF, ESI, TDS, and PT, etc., making HRMS better than traditional ways

Enhances productivity

With real-time analytics and employee self-service. HRMS not only reduces the HR workload but also streamlines the tasks of the HR department. ESS not only reduces the chances of error but also saves a lot of time. Modern HRMS are built with the employee-centric approach and provide great user experience to employees and generate real-time reports, it bridges the communication gap between management and employees, gives the employee access to edit their personal information, collaborates with their team members and leader and many more features which drastically improves the productivity of an organization.


In today’s cut-throat competition implementing modern systems isn’t only good but it’s a must. Having a good cloud-based HR software will not only give a company tech-savvy image but will also improve productivity by saving time and facilitating better communication among teams on a project. By improving internal management and reducing manual efforts, there is no doubt HRMS defines the company’s future growth.

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