The Future of HRMS in Indian Business

Any employer or manager would want to invest in software that would maintain a balance between its employee-centric and company-centric nature, automates most of his manual operations, and would help him in time-management. The upgraded ecosystem of this software-driven market has turned many organizations into an innovative, cost-effective, and efficient business firm. 

Out of those technologies, the Human Resource Management System or HRMS has been booming exponentially. According to the Indian Talent Management Software Market Forecast of 2020, the market for talent management software witnessed a significant growth, which is considered to take place because of increased concern of organizations towards employee engagement and payroll management.

As the inclination towards a digital workplace is gradually increasing, employees from Gen Z are thoroughly acquainted with frequent messaging and important notifications. Thus to keep up with their pace, Human Resource platforms are also adapting themselves. The future of HRMS will undergo a shift from cloud to mobile; aggregates into analytics, quantitative to qualitative, and work-based to behavioral economics. The experience it will be delivering will contribute to the greater good of workforce management

Let’s have a look at major changes that impact the HRMS software in Indian business to provide a better employee experience:

Performance Management Metrics

Every organization undergoes the process of Performance Management to find out which employee is supposed to be promoted and which employee needs to be trained. But, in the traditional method of HR management, success metrics and employee rewards depend upon the goals completed under guidelines formulated by the top management. 

But these days, the vision of businesses towards the achievement of goals is considerably changed. Now the HR department is also focusing on employee growth and engagement along with goal achievement. It results in the individual development of employees and increased productivity of the organization side by side. Though companies are evolving into digital workplaces they are also giving equal importance to collaboration and teamwork.

Mobile Devices for Workforce Management

Organizations are upgrading themselves as per the developments taking place in the technological world. Most of the cloud technologies are transforming into mobile applications as smartphones are quite handy and of course more used than desktops. The new generation HRMS and Payroll software is mobile-friendly and is available in the form of application that helps employees in staying engaged. Learning on the move is quite easier through mobile applications as compared to the traditional tools and spreadsheets that consume a lot of time in adapting themselves to the business necessities. Now instead of using paper questionnaires, Indian companies are heading towards applications for conducting employee surveys and receiving their feedbacks. HRMS management through Mobile apps has made workforce management a lot easier. 

People Analytics Tool

With time, Human Resource managers have realized their ability to expand the future of HRMS in their organizations and have understood how well they can harness the data of employees. The people analytics tool of modern Human Resource Management Software has such a potential that can greatly impact Indian businesses, especially the sales organizations where personality and behavioral skills of the employees play a major role. 

Prior concerns of businesses like leave and attendance management are also taken care of along with the recording of data related to employee performance and time management. Such analytics not only help organizations to decide how well their employees can perform but also gives them a scope of personal development and building a specialization simultaneously.


With the ongoing advancements in the HR technology, the future of HRMS in Indian business is shining brightly. Administration processes like onboarding and recruitment, payroll, employee appraisal, and leave and attendance management have been extremely bureaucratic all this time and have been continuously impacting the Human Resource management in India. But when modern HRMS and payroll software automates all these processes, then employee experience will be enhanced and organizations will have streamlined functioning.

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