How to make your task management effective?

If you are working in a business organization, then you are bound to perform a varied bunch of tasks. But performing those tasks with perfection and efficiency isn’t a piece of cake. There is a proper series of steps which is expected to be followed during the completion of each task. The series starts with the development of an idea, then planning, tracking, testing, monitoring, and finally reporting the task performed. Adherence to these steps for proper completion of a task is what we generally call Task management. An effective task management system can smoothen the workflow of an organization.

What is Task Management?

Task management refers to the process of dealing with the complete life-cycle of a task, right from the planning to the execution. It ensures timely completion of the task. It is a part of project management that would turn your complicated projects into simplified ones thereby helping managers to manage those tasks in a streamlined manner. With task management, teams can coordinate amongst themselves quite easily as it prioritizes, sets deadlines, and delegate tasks beforehand without leaving any possibility for a mess at the eleventh hour. 

How to make your task management effective?

Sorting out Priorities

In the ever-changing business environment, it’s not practically possible to complete each task of your to-do list as it pleases you within a specific time limit. As all of them require equal attention so you must prioritize them according to their importance, keeping the most important ones on high priority and less important ones on a lower priority. After doing so you will see that there might be some activities that can wait and some that aren’t even necessary to be done. Sorting out priorities will spare a lot of manager’s time by eliminating low-value activities so that they can focus on more important and urgent tasks.

Abiding by the Schedule

Creating a schedule is nowhere difficult. Every organization’s top-level management drafts a schedule for their employees’ and they are expected to abide by it. But the problem is that making them stick to the schedule is way harder than it looks. Hence more focus should be laid on getting the task performed at hand and should not be sidetracked by the late ones. More time and effort should be invested in employees ‘after’ the scheduling.

Adaptability and Flexibility

Flexibility is very important while completing a task. Time wasted on getting approvals is one of the biggest hindrances on the way towards the timely completion of tasks. The scope of the task might change due to many factors that one can’t control. Hence an organization needs to be flexible and adaptable to changes so that functioning can be resumed quickly no matter what problem arises in the future.

Delegation of tasks

A manager can’t single-handedly manage every task. There are numerous activities where he would need the assistance of one or more employees. In such a situation, the delegation of tasks is considered to be a smart choice. All he needs is to identify the right person for performing certain tasks as per their specialties along with maintaining a proper balance of authority and responsibility so that he can do other major tasks requiring his skills and attention without any disturbance.


Communication is the backbone of errorless completion of tasks. Respective managers need to have effective communication throughout the task for avoiding any chances of mistakes that might delay the task. Managers must communicate with both internal teams and external stakeholders about the deadlines and task assignments to ensure completion of tasks within time.


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