Tips to improve your compensation structuring

When an organization has sound compensation structuring, then the management of salary expenditure becomes a lot easier. Not to mention, it can reduce the attrition rate as well as simplifies tedious jobs like recruiting, payroll, hiring and promoting. Hence no one can deny the fact that compensation structuring is of great importance. So here are tips that will improve your Compensation Structuring process and will streamline it like never before! Let’s have a look at them:

Determine the value of each position

Figuring out the value of each position in your company is something to be done at the earliest. For which, you can have a look at what other companies are paying for similar job positions in their organization. There are numerous online Human Resource Management Software like Zimyo, available commercially in the market that might turn out to be a big help for you in attaining the compensation-related information for different positions and varied industries in the form of surveys. These surveys cover common jobs in the market with defined duties and responsibilities, also known as ‘benchmark jobs‘. After finding a job that matches perfectly to the position you are looking for, you can extract its statistics and analyze it further according to your requirement.

Understand your company’s competitive posture

The competitive posture of a company refers to its overall salary structure when compared with the market average across the benchmark jobs. No organization would like to overpay an employee and no employee would like to be underpaid. Therefore for getting a better idea of whether the current salary rates of your company are above, below, or equivalent to the rates of your competitors, it’s good to decide what competitive posture is best suited for your company.

Define the compensable leverage of your company

Compensable leverage refers to the rate by which the salary of employees increases in a company when compared to the market rate increase for higher-level positions in the organization’s hierarchy. Determining compensable leverage is quite important for keeping a balance between providing salary increases to employees for appraisal opportunities and maintaining an affordable compensation structure from the organization’s point of view. If your firm has a higher leverage level, then you must compensate your employees with a higher salary so that a positive impact of corporate leverage can be expected on employee compensation.

Analyse external inequalities

Analyzing external inequalities means knowing whether there are some employees with disproportionate salary rates, more or less, and are inconsistent with your company’s overall relationship in the market concerning all the jobs present. Inequitable salary rates within a company despite being positive or negative, are likely to be perceived as unfair by employees and would cause compensation dissatisfaction amongst them. Hence for ensuring employee satisfaction it’s necessary to analyze external inequalities.

Dealing with underpaid and overpaid employees

As you establish a compensation structure, you must look at your present employees’ salary rates and then compare them with the expected range to see whether anyone is being paid below the minimum rate or above the maximum rate. For doing so it is important to know if the salary rates of employees are to be adjusted for achieving market alignment as created through the compensation structure. For underpaid employees, you can increase the salary rate immediately or incrementally over time. In the case of overpaid employees, you can suspend the person’s next salary increase till the time market movement warrants an adjustment.


With the help of the tips mentioned above, compensation structuring will become a lot easier for you and you can now develop a new and revised structure for your company. It will rectify all the previous mistakes and will build transparency in the organization. It is always suggested to use online cloud HR software for this purpose to get the best results. So join your hands with Zimyo and get the best possible compensation structuring experience.

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