How Does New Onboarding Technology Cut Down Manual Tasks?

Recruitment and employee onboarding are the two most common challenges that top the list of any HR Manager. ✅

The hours spent in the lengthy interview process is something that hampers the productivity of an organization as a whole. Also, that is not the end – After a tedious recruitment process comes employee onboarding. 

Employee onboarding is one of the most time-consuming tasks in the entire organization. In other words, the time spent on filling out each and every detail of a candidate, running all around the floor to get the documents signed and approved by the management takes away all the time to actually interact and introduce the employee to the organization. ☹️

Just imagine reducing this time to half and utilizing it in being more productive.? Moreover, an employee onboarding software can help you achieve just that. Treating the onboarding process as a first impression will really help you understand the importance of automation.

What The Sources Say!

Various sources claim that it takes up to 6-8 months for an employee to be completely onboarded. Research also shows that half of the new hires leave their jobs within the first 120 days.

It takes a lot of work to hire an employee and all that work goes down the drain if the employee does not commit to the organization. Therefore, it is crucial to understand and have tools to cope with the loss of new hires efficiently.  When you invest in an automated employee onboarding process, the returns are exceptional. ?

Laurent Reich, the director of internal learning practices at L’Oréal says, “Our objective is to take our onboarding practices to the next level and to give each and every employee, from the moment they arrive, the keys to succeed in full alignment with company values such as multiculturalism, diversity, and inclusion.”

Understanding Employee Onboarding

Employee Onboarding means the process of familiarizing a new hire/employee with the organization’s culture and surroundings. In fact, onboarding can be a one-day affair or it can last up to 18 months depending on an organization’s predetermined set of guidelines.


During onboarding, an employee is required to fill out the necessary paperwork for various compliances and get a clear understanding of their role in the growth of the organization.     

Employee Pre-Onboarding Process

Another important part of onboarding is pre-onboarding. Above all, the main objective of pre onboarding is to make the new hires comfortable and give them some space to adapt to the new workplace.?

Internal communication modes can help the new hires familiarize themselves with their colleagues and get a gist of the culture of the company and what’s in store for them. To make sure that both employees and the organization are working together to achieve one goal you must streamline the employee onboarding process.

Advantages Of Automated Employee Onboarding Over Manual Onboarding

Employee Onboarding Software Manual Onboarding Process
Time Effective Time Consuming
Less Manual Errors More Prone To Manual Errors
Increases Employee Productivity Less Productive
Rectifying Errors Is Easy Rectifying Errors Is Difficult
Easy Access Restricted Access

? Time Effective

Employee onboarding can save you multiple man hours. However, manual onboarding can eat a lot of your time. Research shows that companies with automated onboarding software were able to complete their task 2 times faster than companies with manual onboarding. 

✅ Less Manual Errors

With an employee onboarding software, there is less chance for manual error. This is because the system will not take the incorrect inputs or data. However, with manual onboarding you will not be able to identify the error on time thus increasing the chances of more errors. 

? Increase Productivity

With onboarding happening 2 times faster, you would have more time on your hands to introduce the employee to the organization. In fact, you could utilize that time for building stronger work relations and working on people management.   

?Easy To Fix Errors

With the help of employee onboarding software, you can rectify any errors with utmost ease. However, with the manual process you would have to start from the beginning which would ultimately lead to less productivity. 

?Easy Access

In a cloud-based onboarding software, you and your employees both have the accessibility to the general details. However, in case of any changes (like address, phone number, etc.) your employee can open the portal and correct everything themselves. While in manual onboarding he would have to knock on the door of HR for correction of every little detail. 

Employee Onboarding Process In Zimyo HRMS

Let’s take a look at some of the features of our employee onboarding software:

➡️ Automated Workflow

To make the onboarding process as smooth as possible the workflow in Zimyo onboarding solution has been automated. In fact, with the help of automation you can finish the process much faster and more efficiently. 

➡️ Customized Offer Letter

With the Zimyo Onboarding solution, you can have various templates for offer letters. Thus, you just need to tweak a few details and the template will be customized according to different job openings

➡️ Management Approval

Getting the approval of the management is the last step in the onboarding process. Therefore, to lessen your workload Zimyo onboarding solution has automated this feature to ensure smooth functioning in the organization 

➡️ QR Code Scanner For Aadhar Verification 

With the help of a QR code scanner, you can check the authenticity of your new hire’s Aadhar card. Therefore, you can easily make sure the privacy of the company is secured. 

➡️ Automated Profile Mapping 

This feature will help in capturing employee details automatically from their job application without any hassle.  

Final Thoughts

During this pandemic, the morale of the employees has been affected greatly. Therefore, to ensure that the team spirit stays high and there is no drop in productivity, an organization should make it their responsibility to focus on the culture.✅

Planning fun activities and games for their employees can help break the ice among the employees leading to strong team bonding.?

We at Zimyo believe in providing the best employee experience with exceptional customer support. In fact, with the help of Zimyo’s cloud-based employee onboarding software, you can successfully rise above the trouble of employee engagement and retention. With the culture of work from home on the rise, it is best to look at automated solutions for productivity and well being of your work family.

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