Good Employee Experience Story [March 15 – March 21]

The world needs more good news! That’s why we’ve decided to gather some good Human Resources (HR) and Employee Experience (EX) stories every week to inspire you and make you feel hopeful about the future. Mondelez to foot bill for in-house nanny In a bid to facilitate work-life integration for dad and mom, Mondelez India has determined to reimburse bills incurred by its workers on in-house nanny companies. The coverage, which is relevant for workers with kids aged from 6 months to 4 years, additionally contains those that have taken the adoption or surrogacy route to parenting.

[Source: India News Online]

Accenture brings gender-neutral insurance & leave policies Accenture India, an IT consulting giant has introduced gender-neutral policies centred on the caregiver rather than gender or marital status. Paternal leave has been extended to all secondary caregivers and Maternal leave has now been extended to all eligible employees who can bear and give birth to a child including transmen who can bear a child are eligible for the 26-week leave.

[Source: SightsInPlus]

UP Govt Makes Big Announcement: Locals to Get 40% Reservation in Private Sector Jobs in Greater Noida The UP government on Thursday announced reservation for local people in private jobs (Reservation For Locals in Private Sector). As per updates, the Greater Noida Industrial Development Authority said the local residents will be given 40 per cent reservation in private sector jobs. Earlier, the Haryana and Jharkhand government had announced 75 per cent reservation for local people in the private sector jobs.


Accenture to give one-week base pay as a one-time bonus IT and professional services company Accenture on Thursday said it will give one week of base pay as a one-time bonus to all its 5 lakh employees across the world for their contribution during the challenging year. The move will benefit around 2 lakh employees the company has in India. Accenture recorded an 8 per cent growth in revenue at USD 12.09 billion for the second quarter ended February 28, 2021. 

[Source: SightsInPlus]

Irdai nudges insurers to join vaccination drive, facilitate policyholders’ immunisation Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India, has started nudging the insurance companies to join the COVID-19 vaccination drive. Irdai had sent instructions to the insurers on March 3. However, it communicated to them again on Friday (March 19 ) through a press release on its website.

[Source: Economic Times]

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