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Cloud-Based HR Systems: The Vanguard of HR Transformation

In today’s time, cloud-based HRMS is at the forefront of HR transformation as it allows HR to be prescriptive and efficient in taking care of the needs of the employees. It allows HR to drive significant cost savings by breaking the barriers of time, data, resources, and technology. A Cloud-Based HRMS software unifies the data for a centralized platform and makes the HR job easy. Before the technology of this software, HR activities such as payroll management, employee information, training details, among others were managed manually and it wasn’t quite as efficient as the cloud-based HR management system.

In simple words, this software allows an organization to unify the employee data and information at a place i.e cloud, which could be accessed by the employees of the organization from any device or place. Unlike on-premise software that needs to be installed on the computer and can only be accessed from within the parameters of the office, cloud-based HRMS can be accessed from any place as long as the user has permission to access. It is also relatively cheaper and more efficient.

Here’s a list of some of the reasons why cloud-based HRMS is the vanguard of HR transformation-

  • Cloud is Agile and Cheap

The HR manager of a company is ever-changing and for that a quick, easy, and adaptable software if needed. Cloud-based HRMS is agile in accepting changes and adapting to the need of the HR department. Using a cloud-based HR software is costs less than traditional software. According to research done by Oracle, 30% to 60% of HR cost can be cut off by using a cloud system for managing employee information, payroll system, attendance system, training process, and the recruitment process among other.

  • Increases Employee Interaction

A company needs to have positive employee engagement and satisfaction. Research shows that an employee is more likely to be productive and loyal if they have a positive engagement at work-place. Using a cloud-based system for managing HR activities can boost employee collaboration and engagement. This system integrated with applications such as online applications, collaboration tools, blogs, charts, self-service employee portals, and workplace social networks to allow positive and real-time interaction between managers, HR, and the employees.

  • Refines Recruitment Process

A cloud-based system keeps all the data stored online and allows HR to access and analyze every recruit. It helps in refining and speeding up the recruitment process.

  • Overhaul Training Process

Cloud-based HR management system software allows the employees to access important videos, blogs, papers, and other information related to the training process and allows them to stay updated from day one of joining. Having all training data at their fingertips and accessible even in the confines of their homes allows the employees to learn and adapt faster.

HRMS software is the best thing that has been introduced in the world of technologies for HR management. The overall productivity that a cloud-based HRMS brings to the company which benefits such as advanced features, flexibility, less money, less time, better insights, and security is unbeatable.


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