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Benefits of Applicant Tracking System(ATS)

ATS – Applicant Tracking System

ATS or applicant tracking system is a software that automates and smoothens the hiring and recruiting process, from taking resumes to onboarding ATS helps in managing all. ATS is used by organizations of all sizes either it is a startup or fortune enterprise. It saves a lot of time spent by the HR department in the process of screening resumes and hiring. Zimyo provides you this system making the process of hiring easier and time-saving for you.

Benefits of Applicant Tracking System(ATS)

The primary function of ATS is to provide a centralized database and mining of employees’ data. ATS makes the entire process of recruiting to onboarding hassle-free, with application tracking software HR professionals can post about job opening across various channels from a single platform. ATS not only collects job forms from the company’s website but also integrates with various job sites and social media channels like LinkedIn, etc. Here is a list of benefits of using the Applicant Tracking System(ATS) provided by Zimyo.

Automating recruitment process

No more need to post job listing manually across hundreds of job listing websites and social media. It automatically does this and saves a lot of time for HR professionals which can be used in other important tasks.

Makes the process of recruiting faster

To screen every candidate profile is not only overwhelming for HR professionals but also unfeasible and unproductive. The automation of this reduces the workload on recruiters and also increases the efficiency of the process with fewer chances of losing great talent. ATS screens thousands of applications in a single click, it uses algorithms designed according to the organization’s requirement and eligibility criteria. ATS automatically filters out ineligible applications through the pool of data. 

Better hiring of talents

Modern ATS vendors provide a collaboratively working platform where the HR department can work with collaboration on screening candidates by putting their notes and rating with the candidate’s profile. This collective decision-making approach improves the quality of hire. As ATS has already filtered out bad candidates so now HR only needs to focus on good candidates. This makes enough time for HR teams to do better assessments of applicants. 

Boost employers reputation 

All information in a single centralized platform helps in establishing consistent engagement with the candidate during the whole recruitment cycle. With ATS your company can engage and attract great talents.

Improves candidate experience 

 Consistent communication and engagement with candidates during the hiring process are some of the key factors in providing better candidate experience. 

How Zimyo’s applicant tracking system works

Zimyo’s recruitment management software starts with collecting candidates’ data, which can be from forms submitted on websites, social media, and other job listing websites. Then following the collection, sorting, and filtering of database starts in ATS, which saves a lot of time of HR professionals by automating this manually time-consuming screening process. The ATS is built to automate the management and screening of resumes. This saves enough time for HR teams to engage with good candidates, rather than screening each profile manually from the pool of data in excel sheets and paper files. ATS can post for job opening, not at only the job boards but also across various social media channels and this property is called omnichannel talent acquisition. 

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