15 Effective Tools to Track Employee Performance

  • One of the important things in a company is the target output and it is crucial to map that out. This very thing highly depends on the level of productivity among employees. Nowadays, companies are facing brand new challenges, and the productivity has also become sustained thus it has become a major thing to have an employee performance monitoring tool.

In this case, if a company can’t give productivity as much it’s needed for it to survive, they will not be able to retain their business in the market. The main source of the same is their employees, and the failure comes when the employers fail to monitor their performance on a daily basis. It is true that employers, managers, and team leaders do have their own tasks to fulfill for the day, thus, they can lack in the employee tracking matter. So to get them out of this incapability there are various tools in the market that will help them monitor the activities of each and individual worker and with that, they can do the talent reorganization. Here we have listed the same tools for your convenience.


1. Engagedly

This is one of the best in the market and provides performance management and feedback to a perfect level. You can request your employees for feedback or give the same, and all of it can be anonymous as well. There are categories on the feedback and every person ranging from their position can join in the system. Along with these, Engagedly has other advantages by which the employee performance can be enhanced. The things one can get from this, are the different feedback categories, entirely automatic, have easy integration, give anonymous feedback, get customizable visibility, also have status flags.


2. Zimyo

Zimyo happens to be one of the best employee performance tracking tool available in the market. The software can do more than you can imagine and is loaded with all the essential features that you need. The tools can provide you with everything that you need to manage your employees and track their performance.


3. Time doctor

This is time management software and gives real-time tracking facility, which tracks the tasks and the wastage of time. This tool is a very useful one as an employees productivity tracking software, which helps individuals, companies to monitor the team’s time management and the entire productivity level. It is self-sufficient in tracking the internet use of the employees and gives reports on the sites visited or the apps have been used. Time doctor also sends screenshots of the employees in 3 minutes to show that the people are working. It also consists of various features that include, the improvement of the employee productivity and one of them is reducing multitasking, getting the workers to focus on the first priority, and with that ensuring that managers are aware of the priorities of the employees as well.


4. Basecamp

This is one of the modernized tools to measure team performance and has the capability to maintain employee and employer relationship. By this, the workers add their daily, weekly, or monthly works into it so that the employer or the manager can check through it, without complaining about the task completion status. If one worker is unable to add the task then the manager or team leader shows up to know about the actual reason behind it. Higher management can schedule works in this tool and then appoint them to the employees, so the finishing of the task doesn’t get confusing.


5. 15Five

This is an integrated suite of apps that allow the team leaders and managers to communicate with their team effectively. This very thing offers company vise visibility on employee recognition and the engagement of the same. If you are an employer then you will get weekly reports, employee recognition facility, and also get to track the objectives and a company-wide or team specific feedbacks on each employee. This is also a paid tool but you can start with the free trial.


6. WorkIQ

This is a very essential tool that tracks the employee’s usage of computers and the time they are spending on it if it’s on productivity or leisure. The dashboard provides a very clear sight to tell the employer about each worker who is effectively engaged with their task or just continues to be distracted. WorkIQ will give you the power to segregate the various activities, and track the progress on all applications also compares the different users work process on the same unit of task. This provides so many other benefits,

  • Identifies the non-productive behaviors
  • Compares true employee productivity during the day or week
  • Manages the remote workers and it’s also based on the same standards.
  • You can identify the top performers so that you can evaluate them.
  • Help is distributing works and minimizing the loads from the overworked staff.


7. Reflektive

This is a real-time performance tool and promotes the same with employee engagement and recognition. As an employer, you will be able to manage the analytics on real-time performance of the workers. You will get various benefits from this specific tool and they are,

  • Get real-time feedback
  • It’s very easy to use on the user interface
  • You can add multiple users
  • Get to have quick and easy recognition of employees.

You can request a quote for it and then decide if you are able to pay for the same or not and there are no free trials on this tool.


8. DeskTime

This is a simple yet powerful tool in the market and allows you to map the applications in the computers are used for non-productivity or the opposite. It also tracks the employee break time and billable hours. If you are finding some of the workers are not using the computer for neutral usage or for non-productivity the tool will catch every single activity on the same and report back to the managers. Overall it’s a great tool for businesses.


9. Todoist

This very software keeps everyone updated and that too starting from the little things to the everyday task has to be accomplished by the workers. The employees will get daily and individual assignments, and there will be team level projects too, with the deadlines as well. The productivity of the employees is monitored upon the completion of the tasks within the deadline. The best part of this tool is it’s cross-compatible with each platform a company uses. Also, it is in the cloud, so you find it from anywhere.


10. Review Snap

This tool will provide you with a 360-degree appraisal opportunity and with that, you will get reviews on the performance of each employee. This is very flexible and user-friendly software, which helps in improving the entire organizational productivity and also promotes frequent feedback on the works of the staff. Other than getting individual reports you will get easy access and all ultimate surveys. If you are using the paid one then you will get the statistics dashboard in detail.


11. Trello

Trello helps in the visualization of workflow and keep things highly organized. It uses cloud board in organizing tasks and you can help the team towards improvement as well. You will find easy ways to create new boards for various business needs; also it manages the work processes out of the inbox. Trello is self-sufficient in making all the things in order and the free version of it really useful.


12. Asana

This is effective and highly efficient software that lets everyone to track their user’s time so the employers can manage the budget perfectly. This very thing consists of a harvest timer and it will map the loop on how much time you have spent in productivity each day. The tasks are assigned here individually and also tracked using real time, so everyone can be in the loop concerning their projects. With the help of Asana, any team can handle so many issues in a small amount of time, and it certainly keeps the clients happy and with that the employees.

Check out these above-mentioned points on employee performance tracking tools and you will surely find the suitable one for your workplace and make use of the same properly.



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