Social Collaboration | Meaning and Definition

What is Collaboration?

Collaboration meaning simply corresponds to the act of working together with someone, a group, or even a company/organization in order to achieve some kind of desired results. Collaboration often requires a leader for the process to move forward smoothly, although more than a single person can also act as leader.


What is Social Collaboration?

Social Collaboration is the total effort of many people or groups in order to chase a similar goal. Social Collaboration is usually split into two parts, namely the time which is given by the collaborators to achieve a goal and the goal which is the result of the effort done by the collaborators in order to achieve it. Social Collaboration usually has a time limit under which each collaborator has to work on to produce the desired results. The goals that are set to achieve within that time period must be unwavering as it could potentially affect the Collaboration. Social Collaboration is especially crucial for stakeholders who don’t have a concrete position in a company as they act as a way for the stakeholders to prove themselves to the company and to make their relationships permanent.

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