Skill Matrix | Meaning and Definition

What is the meaning of skill?

Skills are defined as the ability to perform something well with expertise. It is often a learned ability that allows one to perform an action with good execution in a given amount of time. It is the ability of an individual to efficiently and effectively use his/her knowledge in execution or performance.

Skill Matrix Definition

The Skill Matrix refers to a visual tour that allows one to observe the competencies and skills of an individual as a member of a team or group within a company or organization. It is a statistical strategy to measure the skill set of workers performing in a group or as an individual. The Skill Matrix is a crucial entity of Skills Management that has the primary goal of offering and lending a helping hand to utilize, understand, observe, develop, and track people and their abilities, competencies, performance, and skills. The Skill Matrix is a grid that makes one visualize the competencies and skills available in a team and compare them to the required set of abilities. Hence, the Skill Matrix emerges as an essential tool for any HR professional who is data-driven and proficient in his/her job. A Skill Matrix also gives a level of insight into the skills available within an organization. In a team, Skill Matrix helps in assessing the available skills and comparing them to the required skills for the success of a project.

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