Skill Gap | Meaning and Definition

What is Skill Gap?

Skill Gap is defined as the difference that exists between the set of skills actually possessed by an employee and the skills required to perform and fulfill a particular position or job. As a result of the skills gap, the employee lacks the ability to successfully perform and complete the required job.

What is ability?

Ability means the possession of the skills and talents that allow someone to do something proficiently. It is the measure of capability and power someone has to perform the required actions for a particular objective. In simple terms, it is defined as the experience, knowledge, or the set of skills that a group of people, a team, or an individual possesses to complete a particular activity or tasks

Define Expertise

Expertise refers to the knowledge or set of skills in a defined particular field. It is often a high level of skill or ability to perform a particular task. The one with expertise within a given domain is termed as an expert, sometimes a master, genius, or even a prodigy. They possess exceptionally high levels of performance.

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