Psychometric Test | Meaning and Definition

 What Is Psychometric Test? 

 Pyschometric test is a scientific method to  analyze the behavioural aspect of people. HR gets thorough insights into a candidate’s capacity, talents, personality traits, and attitude through psychometric tests or psychometric evaluations. A variety of Psychometric test forms are linked to three key areas: intelligence tests, cognitive and behavioral tests, and examinations. Psychometric tests are used to evaluate a person’s reasoning abilities, intelligence, and rationality. Personality assessments, contextual perception, critical reasoning, mathematical reasoning, a range of talents, reasoning ability, and other exams are commonly used.

What are the Fields where Pyschometric Tests are used?

Psychometric tests are commonly used in career counseling and recruitment to match a person’s skills and characteristics to a fulfilling career or function. They’ve become a typical stumbling block, especially in grad program recruitment. The tests are frequently used in conjunction with one another, with the test selection influenced by the applicant’s intended professional field.

Psychometric test results are frequently combined with applicant CVs, covering letters, and external strategic factors phases such as more targeted, sector-specific activities, role-play circumstances, and structured interviews.

However, the importance of functioning well in psychometric testing must not be underestimated. A strong psychometric test score helps to accelerate a final stage interview significantly.

Psychometric testing types

There are two basic categories of Psychometric Tests:

  • Personality assessments look at your passions, goals, and objectives, as well as how one’s personality fits into the position and association. In a variety of circumstances, they examine your emotions, behaviors, and connections.
  • Aptitude exams determine whether you have the proper expertise for a job by assessing one’s intellectual or cognitive capacity. You’ll likely be given a minute to evaluate each test question if it’s presented during an exam. Your IQ levels are measured against a standard, and you should pass with a particular mark.

Benefits of Psychometric tests 

  • It helps the organization select the most suited candidate for the job role
  • The method eliminates the chances of biasedness in recruiting
  • The results obtained from this method are quite accurate and appropriate
  • It saves the time and effort of HR
  • The tests improve recruitment efficiency as only the most suited candidates are selected


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