Muster Roll | Meaning and Definition

What is Muster Roll?

A muster roll is essentially a list wherein all the workers or employees of a unit are listed. A muster roll register is a register that contains the names of all the employees or workers working in a particular unit, and it is basically a roster that is used as an attendance register. It is used to keep track of all the workers who have attended work on a particular day. 

Origin of the Muster Roll

Originally, a muster roll register was created for military and navy purposes. To keep track of the seamen onboard a ship, the shipmaster was required to keep a muster roll of all the officers and other workers. An official act regarding the same was passed in 1774, and it came to be known as the Act for the Relief of Disabled Seamen. These were passed on to “receivers” when a voyage ended, and the ship reached the coast. It was also used by the military for the same purpose.

What is a Muster roll Register?

A muster roll register is where the detailed list of all officers/workers/crewmembers is kept. In this register, the names and basic details of all of the workers are mentioned. Earlier on, just the names of the members were detailed in this register. Today, it is useful in maintaining a record of payments, especially for laborers who receive daily wages. As such, it is mostly used by Factories and factory workers. It is also used to keep an accurate record of progress made by employees as well as is used as employee acknowledgment upon receiving payments. 

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