Corporate Identification Number (CIN) | Meaning and Definition

What is the CIN number?

The CIN or CIN full form -Corporate Identification Number is a 21-digit number issued to businesses by India’s Registrar of Companies (ROC). It is essentially a unique identifier for businesses and is an important tool for tracking and monitoring business activities. The CIN is also used for various other purposes such as filing Annual Returns, applying for Permanent Account Number (PAN), etc. 

Importance of the CIN number 

A CIN number is important because it helps identify a business for tax purposes and other legal matters. Credit bureaus also use it to track a business’s credit history. Most importantly, it serves as a unique identifier for the company and helps to ensure that all government filings are properly linked to the correct organization. 

Additionally, companies can use the CIN number internally to track various metrics such as customer counts or vendor payments. Lastly, the CIN number may be required when filing certain legal documents or registering trademarks. 

Usage of Corporate Incorporation Number

The CIN is used on all company’s official documents, such as invoices, bills, memos, notices, Annual Reports and audits, and receipts. It is also imprinted on all Cheque books issued by the company. 

For example, the incorporation number for XYZ Inc might be 33-0933941. 

This number can be used to track a company’s filings with the state and federal governments. It can also be used to look up company information in online databases. 

How to find the CIN number?

To find the CIN for a specific company, you can search the Business Registry database. The government maintains this database. You can search by business name or by corporate address.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

CIN means Corporate Identification Number, and it is used by the Registrar of Companies for all companies registered in India.

CIN is issued by Ministry of Affairs in India.

CIN is the three digit code found on the back of the card and is generally located on the signature strip.

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