Induction | Meaning and Definition

What is induction?

A process of introducing and welcoming a new employee to the company’s core principles, roles, the process, and the working environment is called Induction. It also introduces the new talents’ co-workers, subordinates, and superiors.

What is induction training or HR induction?

The procedure of introducing the newly recruited employees or talents into the organization is called induction training. It is also a process by which new talent can be made a productive asset for the team in the short term.

What are the steps that will be followed in the induction meeting?

  • Welcoming an employee – The new talents will be provided with a detailed orientation of the organization and make them feel comfortable in an organizational work environment.
  • Admin and HR -orientation – This is also called HR induction, and this will be decided by HR personnel and admin personnel. It deals with the admin and HR-related work like the leave policy, log-in and log-out periods, benefits, wellness programs, training and talent management, and other company policies and procedures.
  • IT orientation – The new talents will be introduced with the IT system, processors, security policies, point of contact for IT support, introduction about IT support systems, etc.
  • Department orientation – The new talents will be introduced to the respective department that the new talent is in need to work with. The employees will be provided with a detailed orientation of the workspace, jobs to be done, and responsibilities.

Benefits of Induction: 

Induction offers various benefits to new employees. Here are some of the benefits of induction program:

  • It helps to make the new employee feel comfortable in the new place
  • It reduces employee turnover as an employee feels more valued
  • It improves operational efficiency as the employee becomes familiar with the company’s work culture, vision, and goals.
  • Ensure that the new employee understands all the necessary information
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