Appointment Letter | Meaning and Definition

What is Appointment letter?

It is a letter made by a business inviting selected individuals to join them in a certain role. The term is also used to refer to a ‘job offer letter’ or an ’employment letter.’

Individuals that apply for positions will go through a selection procedure. Some applicants are eventually chosen for the position at the conclusion of the shortlisting. The company sends job offers to those individuals who have successfully completed the selection process after it is concluded. The company notifies the applicant that he or she has been selected and welcomes him or her to join the specified position via appointment letter. This letter also outlines the job’s requirements, tasks, and obligations.

This letter is a type of document that is legally binding and states that an employer has offered a job to a candidate and that the candidate has accepted the conditions and agreed to work for the company in exchange for a wage. The letter lays out in considerable detail what the new hire is anticipated to do and what function they will have in the firm.

There’s a distinction to be made between an offer letter and an appointment letter. An offer letter is used to tell potential candidates that they have been selected for the job. It’s the first formal document the candidate receives. In comparison, this letter is only sent out when the candidates have confirmed their willingness to take the position in the company. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

An appointment letter is an official communication between employer and the candidate who is selected for a certain job position.

Yes if the candidate has received an offer letter but didn’t receive an appointment letter they can ask for it. 

Following key pointers must be included while writing an appointment letter:

1. Add a header

2. Include a greeting

3. Choose a format

4. Offer the position

5. Describe the role

6. Include the starting date

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