Confirmation Letter | Meaning and Definition

What is Confirmation letter?

An official document that certifies an employee’s employment status is an employment confirmation letter. The letter’s objective is to document the employee’s function in the firm as well as his or her history with the company. When applying for a loan, signing a lease agreement, seeking a new job, obtaining a permanent residency, or seeking an immigrant visa, these letters are frequently required. 

For legal reasons, several government entities may need it. This information is frequently requested by credit and collection agencies.

When looking for a new job or leaving your organization, an employee may request a confirmation letter verifying employment.

Each company has its own set of rules for preparing a letter of confirmation of employment, including who has the power to do so. Some firms have HR departments that create these letters, while others have the employee’s immediate supervisor write them. When a supervisor prepares the letter, the receiver knows who to contact if they need further information.

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