Top 11 Performance Management Software in India

Every company or business worldwide aspires to have the most efficient and productive employees in their company. In such cases, your organization requires a process or system that could help develop a work culture that consistently encourages and motivates your employees to contribute their best in their workplace. This is where performance management software enters the picture.

Performance management software helps to eliminate conventional performance evaluation methods, appraisals, and employee reviews. In factperformance management software can help you provide employee recognition and transparency, including feedback. Hence it also helps increase employee engagement. 

The most important thing about performance management software is that it can be used by employees, managers as well as leaders. Because of this, everyone in a company can concentrate on the set objectives and assess performance while measuring the key outcomes. It helps to track all the activities that are associated with the goals of the company.

Before you learn about all the top 11 performance management systems in 2022, you must know what is performance management software first!

What is PMS software?

Performance management software is a significant system that helps manage people by providing continuous communication & feedback among the employees and their respective managers. Companies use performance management software to increase their employee performance.

The goal of PMS or performance management software is not to develop the skills of the employees. Instead, effective performance management software helps employees to be more productive. In simple words, this system is mainly about performing a strategic alignment among employees’ work to their company’s objectives.

Why do companies use Performance Management Software?

Performance management software makes sure that organizational objectives are achieved successfully while helping them to be aligned with the objectives of the employees as well. An efficient performance management software is essential for companies as it helps in dealing with challenges that are often faced by organizations, such as employee growth, data analytics, and goal setting. 

Maintaining employee productivity is the primary goal of adapting this performance management software in a company. These are the following purposes that a performance management system fulfills: 

Strategic: Performance management software refers to a tool that needs to be aligned with the entire company’s objectives, followed by departmental objectives and employee objectives. In simple words, the company’s strategic objectives must be in line with every activity done by each department or employee.  

Administrative: A performance management system can also be established as a factor for deciding employee promotions, salary increments, demotions, terminations, and transfers. It helps the companies identify the employees that are very efficient and productive and those who are less efficient in the company. This system merits the skill and competency level of employees. 

Communication: This software works as a very efficient communication channel that helps to inform employees about their objectives, job duties, performance standards, and key deliverables. Moreover, due to the structure of this software, it can also highlight the main areas that need to be improved by the employees to improve their performance. It also provides the employees a platform to train and learn skills and gain knowledge for contributing more efficiently in the workplace. 

 Organizational Maintenance: The PMS system works as a yardstick that helps to measure department, employee, and organization goals and evaluate the performance and productivity gaps by applying numerous methods. Thus, it helps to maintain an organization’s performance standards while looking after the entire organization’s progress. 

Documentation: It helps a company to be able to establish new objectives, plan improvement needs, and plan coaching and training programs, including career development for employees and their departments. Thus, it helps to drive the organizational requirements to its established objectives.

The benefits of using Performance Management Software

There are multiple benefits of using performance management software. Performance management software helps organizations around the world to stay ahead of the competition. The following are the significant benefits organizations can avail of using performance management software:

Increase Employee Morale 

Every wor likes to be noticed and appreciated. They want to hear from their seniors or leaders that they are doing absolutely amazing no matter how they are doing really. Performance feedback is an effective way that helps to recognize those workers who are doing well & deserve to be appreciated. Instead of considering reviews or feedback as a means to establish the next targets, it needs to be considered as a stage or platform for identifying hard-working workers in the department.

A company needs to make sure that its employees are happy and satisfied as it contributes to making them productive. It has been revealed by a survey that sixty-nine percent of people are willing to contribute more if their hard work is recognized and appreciated. Therefore, providing a paycheck within the deadline is not enough to appreciate and recognize your workers. Regular reviews and performance-based feedback are also needed to make the morale of your workers high.

Timely & actionable reviews 

Most organizations often hold a feedback-providing program once a year based on their employer’s performance. However, this type of feedback-providing program becomes vague and highly irrelevant by the time the workers start taking action. It does not help in boosting or increasing the morale of your workers. Rather than developing, it often ends up hurting engagement and productivity among the workers.

If you want your employers to contribute their best to your company, then you might want to provide your workers feedback right after they are done with a project. Providing actionable and timely feedback is one of the key benefits of PMS software, as it assists in developing your worker’s engagement levels as well as their growth.

 Improvement planning for employees

While your workers or subordinates contribute to the objectives of the company, the organizations need to think and plan about their workers’ professional improvement as well. This could be obtained by offering quality and timely feedback based on their performance-based reviews and their scope for development.

The workers are usually informed of the performance management’s purpose, and it helps in their development as well as career progression. Therefore, through feedback based on their performance, they can easily identify the gaps in their skill, and they get a clear idea of the skills that they need to obtain to improve themselves and progress toward achieving their desired career. 

Studies have shown that the traditional method of reviewing often fails to provide a clear idea of the workers’ performance. PMS or Performance management software helps to provide feedback whenever it is required to see the progress of the workers. These provide the leaders or managers with an understandable clarity associated with the worker’s actual performance.

As the leaders can easily and accurately assess their workers’ performance by applying the exact performance review method, they get a better scope to recognize which worker is eligible for a salary hike, promotion, or transfer.

Boost subordinates retention 

Numerous research studies have shown that the companies that often implement daily worker feedback have lower turnover rates in contrast to those companies that never or yearly provid3 feedback. Organizations experiencing worker turnovers would have to spend a huge amount of money and time on replacing those highly experienced and talented workers.  

Performance management software assists in ensuring that the goals and workers’ expectations are not left unclear and unchecked. It helps to keep them clear and checked daily. The accessibility of daily feedback as well as reviews helps in resolving any problem confronted by the workers quickly.

An effective performance review method can help in prioritizing worker recognition along with motivating learning and improvement. 

Workers like greater autonomy 

It is always an excellent practice for making your workers aware of the bigger business goals as well as how their respective contributions impact those big goals. Perfect performance management software helps your workers to determine their individual choices while comprehending their duties towards the company. This helps them to be happier, more contributing, and much more loyal to the company.

The manager or leader gets assured of his worker’s progress reliant on the objectives that have been previously agreed on through daily feedback discussions and meetings. This assists in developing an environment of trust between the workers and managers. Such a work culture or environment helps in Exchanging creativity and ideas that would only benefit one’s company in the long run. 

Evaluating risks and problems 

In such cases, workers, as well as managers, can apply the features of PMS or performance management software to decrease the scope of being fired and firing. Workers can easily decrease their scope of being fired at their workplace by clearly comprehending the objectives and responsibilities they must perform by applying the feedback of performance management software.

Similarly, leaders or managers can easily take advantage of this system to prevent legal confrontations and the loss of the best talents. These methods could be applied to make sure that the workers are aware of their respective duties or not, and in case they don’t succeed in meeting such requirements, the organization has the power to bring up these issues and consider the right steps. 

Enhances the entire business performance 

All the above-mentioned benefits and advantages of performance management systems contribute to making the entire performance better and more productive. Workers that are now thriving in your company will be able to deliver more productive work after implementing this performance management system. It will also help to motivate your employers to try new ideas and plans and also help them to progress. This underpins the benefits of PMS or performance management software as well as the value that it will bring to your whole company when applied properly. 

What are the top 11 performance management software in India?

 The top 11 performance management system in 2022 includes:


Zimyo is one of the best cloud-based performance management software available in India. It incorporates features like an applicant tracking system, payroll management, and time and attendance management software.

Zimyo integrates a comprehensive set of features into its software, providing a  system that uses the massive amounts of data generated by employees to gauge employee performance and potential. To separate itself from its competitors, Zimyo offers a unique system of performance and payroll integration, the first of its kind in India.

Normally performance bonuses have to be calculated separately and this leads to delay and lack of transparency. However, Zimyo allows you to tie performance directly with payroll, resulting in faster deployment of bonuses and full transparency around the same.

On top of this. It also includes features like

  • 360-degree feedback software
  • 9 box matrix
  • A continuous feedback mechanism
  • automated evaluation
  • Comprehensive goal-setting and management
  • performance feedback

All of this and more are available at a very competitive price.


Trackstar is mainly a cloud-based productivity appraisal solution. It helps to manage 360-degree feedback between the employers, managers, and colleagues of an organization. Compared to other performance management software, it is very unique because of its simple, numerous features, and easy-handling interface. It is made for HR professionals as well as for managers to deal with competencies and objectives that align appropriate candidates with the right role, which would help to meet the objectives of your company. This particular software streamlines the methods administered by a company’s managers to help them to concentrate on much more significant operations and to save their time so that they can reach their objectives.

 The main modules of this solution are 360-degree feedback, objective setting, succession planning, and performance reviews which are important aspects of a company’s workforce. This software provides real-time feedback and peer communication (optional) in order to finish continuous journals systematically. It offers flexibility when it comes to workflows in order to adjust in a company and helps to develop custom forms for reviews. Thai software helps to make sure that all objectives are done on time with its automatic reminder feature. Company objectives are easily established for workers and integrated with planned goals while making sure all the members are on the right track.

 This software provides numerous features, including:

· Online reviews (unlimited)

· This software’s performance management facility gives numerous reposts to help you to identify top achievers.

· This software contains objective setting and objective tracking features.

· It also provides 360-degree feedback.

· Modification and implementation

· Peer appraisals

· Self-appraisals


It is also cloud-based software, which helps to enable company administrators, including people in HR management, to improve and accelerate their respective performance management procedures. This software also helps to align performance review with 360-degree feedback that are multi-rater along with compensation monitoring, delivering an automated, configurable, comprehensive platform in order to develop worker engagement and performance. 

With this software, companies have the right solution, which helps them to have entire control over the worker’s development and performance. Workers are more able to notice their performance reviews through feedback & Appraisals and recognize areas where they need to work on themselves and excel. This software also helps you to make your employees integrate with your company’s objectives while equipping them with motivation, skills, and empowerment to deliver positive results. 

The thing that makes this software the best is its implementation support. If you already own a procedure that you might like to automate or if you want to start from zero, this system will offer you highly experienced specialists that help you to implement this software systematically. This way, one will be sure that this is worthy of their investment. 

 There are several features of Reviewsnap, such as:

· Automated Performance & self-reviews 

· Goal Management 

· Statistics Dashboard 

· Journaling

· Automatic notifications 

· Budget 

· Unlimited Surveys 

· Approval Process 

· Compensation Recommendation 

· Automated Development objectives 


Another best performance management software is Namely. It is an understandable human resources group that integrates¹ elements of payroll, benefits, and talent management. This software has been adopted by around four hundred companies all over the world. It has handled around 60,000 workers and a yearly payroll of $2.5 billion globally. This software is also a cloud-based method that helps organizations to manage and adhere to compliance and streamlines complex and basic HR procedures, along with payroll, advantages, talent management, etc. This software is made for moderate-level companies, and it helps them to be on top of the complex procedures of administering workers’ information or estimating paychecks that correctly indicate deductions for taxes and health insurance. 

 Namely is an extremely direct platform of human resources management, which does more than simply HR. It is a systematic HR, payroll, & benefits solution which easily adjusts to a company’s culture. This software is available with various features that are made to accelerate and simplify HR workflows and procedures. It also helps in team planning, performance reviews, reporting, benefits management, payroll, 360° performance, and many more. With this software, one could have a merged location where one can administer all of their HR data. There are numerous modifying procedures as this software is configurable. Because of this, a user can measure the system depending on their requirements and business needs. 

 This software also has a strong permission engine, which helps an organization develop layered permission levels to safeguard data, reports, functions, and views from unauthorized users. Customer support is extremely noteworthy. Namely offers a committed account manager for every customer and could deliver services for twenty-four hours. The technology this software uses is extremely easy, direct, and highly measurable. Hence, there is no doubt why so many companies call this software a” light year ahead “platform.


This software offers a small and developing organization an HR or human resource data system, which involves an applicant monitoring system, time monitoring, payroll methods, worker engagement and workers satisfaction tools, workforce data, and automated reminders to manage all the aspects of the worker work cycle. With this software, any human resource team or human resource department could develop their recruiting procedures, onboard fresh workers, administrate compensation, balance and examine workers’ data, and improve a company’s entire culture. Applying an aligned ATSa and adapting tools, this software streamlines the entire recruiting method, from filing applications to taking them onboard.

It also gives modifying facilities, numerous managing roles, inactive worker management, and user support. This software pricing applies a model that is based on subscription, which also relies on the number of workers. With this human resource, administrators can easily centralize every worker’s data in a single place and handle workforce information by applying built-in editing and reporting tools. Applying this aligned applicant monitoring system, users can easily monitor recruiting assessments for each candidate, deliver notifications to the recruited candidates during each phase of the method, and cooperate with others involved in recruiting decisions. Users also can arrange and monitor work hours, paid time off, and requests for time to determine an appropriate payroll for each worker.

 SAP SuccessFactors

It is an American worldwide company. The headquarters is located in south San Francisco, California. It provides cloud-based software for human source departments to apply this software as a service model. SAP’s SuccessFactors help companies to easily manage numerous HR operations. It is made to meet all the requirements of high-level companies. SAP SuccessFactors can also help a company to develop business execution as well as achieve better outcomes.

 SAP SuccessFactors helps companies to administer Human resource functions efficiently and effectively in a cloud environment. This cloud computing software can also help a company to integrate or align with SAP ERP, applying SAP PI or SAP HCI. Although, many customers in SAP SuccessFactors do not prefer aligning with SAP ERP solutions.

This performance management software comes with many features:

· Offers understandable Human Capital Management or HCMsuite

· International Expertise 

· Permits hiring HR transactions

· Alters & transfers position

· Payroll reporting 

· Auditing and compliance integration 

· Permits one to do queries at the fixed time

· Permits extensible training and development.


It is a worker administration & continuous performance administration software solution. It is made to help in elevating the company culture, maintain a top level of productivity and performance among the workers as well as maximize workers’ engagement.

15five is a platform that is very appropriate for managers, team leaders, corporate VPs, executives, and project directors in developing companies as well as organizations. 

This software solution is performed by contributing to seamless communication among team leaders, managers, and all staff members. The main objective of this software is to ensure workers, managers, as well as executives are always aware of the things going on inside the workplace. It also helps them to understand the psychological and emotional conditions of their respective workforce. 

To obtain this, this software offers tools and features, such as pulse surveys, weekly reviews, worker recognition, & people analytics, which are all developed in a merged platform. 

Through this software, workers and executives would be able to talk about certain areas of development, and opportunities, including key challenges, which might create hindrances in obtaining company objectives as effectively as possible.

With the help of the 15Five platform, executives and employees should be able to discuss specific areas of opportunities, as well as key challenges that may create obstacles in achieving company goals as effectively and openly as possible. This software solution is normally implemented and used by department heads, managers, supervisors, and C-level executives as it is designed with a full suite of integrated solutions.

The ultimate goal of employing 15Five is to create and maintain a strong and lasting relationship between decision-makers and their staff. It can also help boost workforce morale and build a positive and engaging working environment within the organization.


This performance management software can be used for kinds of problems within the workplace. This software can be used by business owners for managing and dealing with their workforce. From the interviewing to recruiting and handling procedures, this talent administration suite drives entrepreneurs an edge in developing workers’ lifecycles. By applying this software, one’s company’s Human Resource department could increase entire work performance via more streamlined candidates onboarding while keeping one’s company’s objectives aligned. 

The most effective feature of this software is applicant monitoring, and this helps to accelerate the company’s candidate screening, assessing, and recruiting procedures. This software does these things via its unique video interviewing and screening abilities. Its sourcing tool provides one to access hundreds of millions of candidates’ profiles, and this data can be shared with internal groups by clicking an option only. Generally, ClearCompany gives high-level reporting features to help one to ensure that they comply with all the regulations.

 Oracle HCM

It is a cloud-based software for HCM or human capital management. It is suitable for moderate-sized companies to huge enterprises. It is made to integrate HR or human resources procedures, from recruiting up to retirement. This involves international HR, workforce management, talent management, as well as payroll. This software can also provide for increasing HCM-associated functions with supply chain, finance, and consumer experience. This software also helps cover all the human resource requirements like workforce planning, hiring, international human resources, Human resource help desk, benefits, workforce compensation, performance management, learning, career development, talent review, workforce health, safety incidents, absence, and labor management, safety incidents and workforce health, payroll, and advanced Human Capital Management controls.

 Organizations have the option of buying all modules of this software for an understandable solution or modifying the Human Capital management solution in order to meet certain requirements.


This software is a cloud-based system for payroll management and human capital solution. It aims to assist enterprises and companies in activating complicated business-related operations and obtain relevant ideas into the sentiments and performance of their respective workforce. The software has an inbuilt user interface and artificial intelligence in order to recognize high performers among the workers. It centralized every organizational information and replaced manual labor and paperwork with automation.

The merged solution assists the enterprises in administering their whole employee population in the entire workplace. Moreover, Utlipro provides automatic guidance on suitable taxation amounts, examining employee location. Companies could also give dynamic & engaging content for learning to their workers that would meet their requirements.


It is a cloud-based talent administrator solution it helps enterprises from numerous industries to administer their candidate monitoring and acquisition routines. The main features of this software include compensation management, performance management, reward decision, and many more. 

HRsoft software can also be modified to meet certain requirements of an organization, and it can be merged with numerous third-party complementary methods. The compensation administration module provides administrators a centralized platform to decide, recruit and administrate bonuses and salaries and develop compensation-related plans. The entire rewards module provides a website for workers to check all the rewards and benefits that are connected with their respective employment. It also helps the workers to check compensation as well as stock options.

This performance management software includes features for establishing objectives & an in-built competency library in order to assist the managers in measuring outcomes and delivering appropriate feedback.

Now that you are aware of the top 11 performance management software, you can easily select and implement the most suitable performance management system and progress your company’s entire performance.


Performance management software is an extremely effective and essential system that all levels of companies, organizations, and enterprises need to adapt in order to regulate their entire workforce performance. A performance management system makes it extremely easier to recognize small issues and rectify them before it creates bigger issues. As this software focuses on developing communication and objective setting, organizations can obtain better performance and productivity while spending less time-solving issues related to management by applying the numerous benefits of performance management software. This permanence management system comes with numerous features that help managers and leaders to monitor their employer’s performance and determine their payrolls, promotions, increment, etc.  Engagement among employers improves, and they feel more empowered when they are able to comprehend that PMS or performance management systems are there to guide them and help them to develop and have greater control over their career progression. Therefore, Implementing this software is also extremely easy, which makes it an excellent method to progress your company.

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