File Clerk | Job Description Template

We’re seeking a well-organized File Clerk to handle and maintain our files. You’ll file papers according to a method that works for you, and you’ll digitize all vital documents. You’ll be required to keep files safe and up to date, as well as make them available to your coworkers. 

A file clerk must be well-organized and have a thorough awareness of data security and confidentiality. The ideal applicant will be computer savvy and meticulous in their work. 

The objective is to keep the company’s documents safe and efficiently handle paperwork.

Company Address 


Educational Qualifications

  • a high school diploma or its equivalent
  • Worked as a file clerk before. 

Skills Required for the job

  • Knowledge of file systems and MS Office, as well as office equipment such as photocopiers and scanners, is essential. 
  • Good command of the English language, both orally and in writing. Reliable in terms of confidentiality and policies. 
  • Outstanding organizational skills 
  • Extremely meticulous attention to detail 

Job Responsibilities

  • Before distributing incoming material (correspondence, bills, etc. ), double-check everything and create copies. 
  • Sort all of the papers alphabetically and by content, dates, and relevance. 
  • Add new files and information to existing records or change them. 
  • All material should be kept in appropriate areas, with the most vital documents being kept safe. 
  • Data entry or optical scanners can be used to enter documents into an electronic system. 
  • Handle all requests for file access and keep track of all borrowed papers. 
  • Create an efficient filing system to make updating and finding files simpler. Adhere to regulations and confidentiality guidelines to keep data and information safe. 
  • Monitor file, paper clip, and other inventory levels, and notify any shortfalls.

Company Offerings

Salary- (…..) 

Other Benefits- (….)