Resignation Letter Email

This email template will help you create resignation letter in a professional manner.

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What is a Resignation Letter?

A resignation letter is an official document that is sent by the employee to their employer serving as a professional way to communicate the decision to resign. Furthermore it also provides important information such as the intended last working day.

Components of Resignation Letter

An employee must be aware of what a resignation letter should include. 

A resignation letter must include the following components:

1. The Opening

It is a tedious task to write a resignation letter. One has to be honest and professional while writing a resignation letter. A person has to be confident while writing a resignation letter and it should be concise and straightforward.

2. Give Proper Notice
A proper notice should be provided in advance to the employer so that he can manage all the work and assign an alternative person. A proper notice period if required should be served so as to complete all the necessary requirements.

3. Provide a reason for leaving

 A person who is resigning should provide a proper and justified reason regarding why he is leaving. A positive relation should be maintained with the employer of the previous organization.

4. Always be ready to train the replaced candidate
A person should always be ready to provide proper training to the replaced candidate and any instruction related to the work.
It also helps in a smooth workflow for employers.
5. Thank them for the experience
Always appreciate the company while leaving. Leaving on a good note maintains a positive relationship with the employer and the company.
If you cannot find good words to say just say simply that “Thanks for providing me the opportunity to work at your company”.
6. Wrap it up professionally
If you want to stay connected with the past employer, mention in the resignation letter about your personal contact information or social media platform id.
 Be professional throughout the conversation.

Resignation Email Letter Format

Format-1 (Resignation letter for joining a new job)


(Name of the manager)

I am writing this mail to formally inform you about my resignation from the position of (job title) with (company name). As per my notice period my last day of employment would be ………(last day).

I have been offered another job role that would allow me some more personal time and I thank you for all the opportunities you have provided me during my tenure.

In the coming days I am fully committed to provide all the necessary support to provide a smooth transition.

Yours faithfully
(Your Name)

Format-2 (Resignation letter for a role that’s not a good fit)


(Name of the Manager)

I am writing to formally notify you of my resignation from the position as (job position). My last date with the company will be (date). 

During my time at (company name) I realized that the scope of my role is not what I anticipated and I want to explore more opportunities.

Thank you for providing me with all the opportunities during my employment and I had learned a lot in (company name).

Please let me know if I can provide any help in smooth transition over the next (notice period time)

(Your Name)

Format-3 (Resignation letter giving advance notice)


(Name of the Manager)

I am writing to inform you of my decision to resign from the company on …….(date). I am aware that transitioning a new person will take appropriate time and I promise to provide as much notice period as possible.

I had learnt a lot during my tenure and everyone has helped me to grow professionally.

Please be free to ask any questions related to projects I am working on. I will be happy to help in any way with the transition process.

(Your Name)

Format-4 ( Resignation for higher education purpose)


(Name of the Manager)

I am writing to inform you of my decision to resign from the (company name) on ……….(date). I am aware that transitioning to a new person will take appropriate time but I have made the decision to continue my higher education.

I have learned a lot in the company and everyone has helped me to grow professionally.

I will try to serve as much notice period as possible. I will be happy to extend my support in a smooth transition process.

Yours faithfully
(Your Name)