Employee Warning Emails

The smooth working of an organization depends on everyone participating fruitfully. When someone misbehaves or performs under expectations, it is essential to understand the reason behind it and ensure that the incident does not occur again.

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Employee warning email for poor conduct


This letter serves as an official warning for you regarding an incident that occurred on (date) in the office. The behavior you displayed is unacceptable and a violation of section (x) of our code of conduct.

As a consequence of your misconduct, we have decided to place you in a warning period (date) during which you shall be behavior will be monitored, and any violations during this period will result in either

Suspension of pay
Termination without prior notice

We expect you to show marked improvements in your behavior. We are looking forward to a positive outcome.

Sender A

Employee warning email for bad performance


We have observed that your performance has not been up to our expected standards in the past few months. Therefore, we have put you on the list of poor performers.
We expect you to bring your performance up to appropriate levels. Failure to do so shall result in appropriate disciplinary action.
We expect to receive from you a formal report with the reasons for your poor performance within one week from receipt of this letter.