What is Recruitment management software?

Recruitment management software is a combination of tools which is designed to streamline and automate HR headache in the process of recruitment. Recruitment is very time demanding and competitive, especially for skills that are high in demand. Any benefit after implementing new technology can provide an edge to a company over the competition. This market demand drives the rise in recruitment management software. Recruitment management system often comes as a part of a broader HR management software with a range of functions such as payroll management system, performance management system, etc. 

Common features of recruitment management systems

A recruitment management system comes with a set of features such as an applicant tracking system for posting jobs and applications. Which makes the recruitment process fast, smooth, and keeps applicants connected and engaged. Most of these operations are automated. Mundane tasks such as scheduling interviews, phone calls are part of this system. Here is a list of features in the recruitment management system:

Easy integration with other software

Most software companies provide easy integration with other business tools. Software companies work with open APIs and marketplaces with a lot of other complimentary services. These marketplaces save a lot of time spent on finding software that fits the specific needs of an organization. If you are looking for recruitment management software you don’t need to start your research from scratch you can schedule a demo of our awarded software.

 Automating manual time-taking tasks

One of the most common pain points of HR professionals is the lack of time to review applications. According to a report by LinkedIn, HR professionals would be even busier this year. In this scenario, a system which can reduce the HR workload by automating things can be a major relief. 

Easy candidate management

Lever’s data shows that more than 30% of the hires are sourced candidates. The second most general source of hire after applicants. Though ATS is a great tool for managing inbound applicants sometimes it falls back short in the management of passive candidates. So its always better to include this point in your checklist before choosing a system. Your ATS system should be able to organize, find, and contact passive candidates.  

Intuitive and easy to use user-interface

One of the major problems with these kinds of tools is their poor look, feel, and high learning curve. Sometimes these are so complex that it takes days to understand some basic functions. But there are many easy to use tools available with a user-friendly interface that makes the process of recruitment easier and better.

Why recruitment management system is a necessity?

  • Shorter time to hire: It saves a lot of time spent in the process of screening and shortlisting candidates by automatically filtering and scheduling interviews. It takes seconds to screen hundreds of applications to select desired candidate profiles. 
  • Improves quality of hire: Recruitment management system improves the hiring quality by filtering out candidates based on pre-defined skills and experience. 
  • Improves communication: It helps in facilitating constant communication between recruiters and applicants. 
  • Better candidate experience: By automatic constant updates to candidates, it improves a candidate’s user experience and attracts great talent.
  • Data-driven decisions: It helps organizations in making better decisions by providing insightful reports and analytics.

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