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6 Tips For Motivating Employees Under Adverse Conditions

motivating employees under adverse conditions

While we may try to focus our attention on work, the truth is it is challenging to build boundaries between work and life. Mental peace and a healthy work-life balance are crucial for ensuring productivity at the workplace. If a person is facing problems in their personal life, it will inevitably affect their professional work. […]

Full & Final Settlement Process- A Detailed Overview

full and final settlement process

What is a full and final settlement? The full and final settlement process is one where all dues payable to and receivable from an employee are calculated, whether they’re – resigning, retiring, or being dismissed by management. Settlements are not limited to just drawing salaries but also the necessary deductions. For the most part, an […]

18 Best Fun Friday Activities For Employee Engagement


An engaging Friday filled with activities should focus more on every employees’ heart rather than their minds. Employee engagement is quite low in workplaces where managers are burdened with work, employees are not satisfied, and the overall workplace atmosphere is in shambles. Employee engagement has been in the industry for a long time now but […]

5 Mistakes To Fix In Your Corporate Wellness Program

corporate wellness program

Are you not aware of why your corporate wellness program isn’t working? Worry not, it’s not something that can’t be fixed.  Often, with the help of employee participation, organizational wellness initiatives need to be revamped. Sometimes it’s as easy as convincing management to approve a budget that funds the necessary wellness initiatives. A well-designed corporate […]

Steps of Employee Empowerment Process at Workplace

Employee Empowerment Process

We often talk a lot about the importance of employee well-being and engagement as it is a crucial predictor of primary outcome metrics. It is important to note that the employee empowerment process is different from employee engagement. Companies now understand that giving employees more responsibility and autonomy is beneficial for both the people and […]

Payroll Software for the Logistics Industry

Payroll Software for the Logistics Industry

Payroll management is essential to almost every business, regardless of the industry. Certain sectors, however, require more than standard payroll software for efficiently managing employee expenses. The logistics and transportation industry is one of them. Logistics firms have a variety of jobs for their employees, but they often pay differently than other industries. Due to […]

Hybrid Work: 8 Ways To Make It A Part Of Your Business!


Given the widespread of new Corona variants such as Delta and Omicron, there’s a little hope of things getting better in the near future. In this pandemic marred world, the only way to keep ourselves, our employees, and our businesses safe is to stay at home, get vaccinated, and continue to follow all the necessary […]

One-on-One Meetings- The Ultimate Guide For Managers


Consistent and efficient one-on-ones for management and staff are the most effective tool for establishing productive and motivated teams, regardless of where they work. As a manager, one-on-one meetings are one of your most essential productivity tools. They allow you to pose strategic questions like, “Are we focusing on the right things?” This shows your […]

Importance Of Employee Incentives Programs For Your Company

importance of employee incentives programs for your company

Ever felt the lack of enthusiasm while running your team, even if it is hosting a pool of talents?  If the answer is yes then it’s high time to consider ways of employee engagement to boost up your company’s productivity. The lack of enthusiasm amongst your top performers is the major cause of low productivity […]

How To Improve Employee Engagement During Return-To-Office Process?


It’s been a long time, hasn’t it? The global COVID-19 outbreak has created new possibilities for work, with remote and flexible work being two of the most significant ways. We learned a lot throughout our shift to teleworking. As we socially detached ourselves for the sake of our coworkers’ health, it’s time to apply these […]