6 Tips For Motivating Employees Under Adverse Conditions

While we may try to focus our attention on work, the truth is it is challenging to build boundaries between work and life. Mental peace and a healthy work-life balance are crucial for ensuring productivity at the workplace. If a person is facing problems in their personal life, it will inevitably affect their professional work. As a result, the company might not be able to achieve its goals. 

As a manager, you are responsible for motivating the employees under adverse conditions. Know that a formal speech or big words won’t do the job. You need to first understand the struggles an employee is facing and offer your support. Here are some tips that can prove beneficial to motivating employees. 

Here’s How to Motivate the Employees Under Adverse Conditions

Show your support

This may seem like an obvious one, but showing small efforts to support your employee can make a lot of difference. For example, scheduling a one-on-one meeting to discuss the problems can make employees feel more valuable. Things like respect, empathy, support, and honesty are important to make them feel better. 

In addition, it is important to establish clear communication with your employee. Spend time with your employee and ask how they are feeling? This will make employees feel more valuable, and they will soon open up with you.

Recognize and Appreciate their achievements 

Every person likes to feel valued and appreciated for the work they have done. If you know someone working hard towards a goal despite going through a rough patch, do not hesitate to praise them. If employees feel that their efforts are not being recognized, it might demotivate them and affect their productivity. Especially for the teams working remotely, it is essential to constantly acknowledge employee’s efforts and make them feel appreciated. 

According to reports, 91% of HR agree that recognition at the workplace has a positive impact on employee retention. You can appreciate your employees’ hard work in many ways, like sending personalized emails to departments or personally praising an employee for their performance. 

Offer Workplace Flexibility  

Technology has changed the way people do their work. After the pandemic, the hybrid work culture has become quite common. In fact, according to reports, more than 74% of employees said they would join an organization only if given remote work. You must understand that you cannot manage every aspect of how someone works. Therefore, it becomes essential to offer workplace flexibility to your employees. 

Workplace flexibility means allowing your employees to do the work the way they find suitable. Giving some flexibility to employees helps in building trust in the team. Furthermore, it also encourages employees to do the assigned task because they feel more responsible. 

Allow Room for Constructive Feedback 

A positive workplace environment is where everyone feels comfortable sharing their thoughts and feelings. If employees are not facing some issues or not feeling well, it can hamper their productivity. Therefore, It is important to provide space to share constructive feedback in the workplace. For example, you should ask employees to share their views about any concerns they might face at the workplace. In addition, you should also ask for changes that employees like to make in the workplace. Every person has some kind of idea, and you never know what idea will turn out to be brilliant for your organization. 

Provide Supportive Workplace environment 

An employee spends more time at the workplace than anywhere else. Therefore, it becomes essential to provide an easy work environment. You should create an environment where employees focus more on productivity rather than just completing their working hours. Ensure that you offer a healthy work-life balance to employees and do not over-pressurize them to complete a task. 

Additionally, you should also focus on designing the office to make it look aesthetically pleasing. This includes ensuring everything is well-kept and using furniture pieces that reflect your office culture. All these things might seem obvious but can make a big impact in motivating employees under adverse conditions. 

Offer Perks and Benefits

The best way to motivate your employees is by offering them employee benefits. When an employee feels that the organization is concerned about their needs, they foster a healthy environment in the organization. There are multiple employee benefits that the organization offers. Some most common benefits and perks include; health insurance, quarterly bonus, profit sharing in the company, and many more. 

Providing employee benefits is especially beneficial for motivating employees under adverse conditions. For example, if an employee faces some financial issue, it can hamper their productivity at the workplace. By offering benefits like salary advances or personal loans, you can help your employees to get through this situation. 

Wrapping Up 

Every person feels out of place once in a while. Crisis can come in different forms. While we are working through our busy lives, it can get difficult to manage personal and professional life at the same time. As a leader of your organization, it is your responsibility to inspire your team. You don’t always need to go overboard to support your employees; just a small helpful gesture can make a significant impact in motivating your employees. 

Another great way to motivate your employees is by offering benefits to them. Zimyo offers various employee benefits like health insurance, instant personal loans, salary advance, and many more to improve the employee experience in the organization. By offering these benefits to your employees, you can motivate and retain your top talents. 

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