Revisiting Human Resource Management System – The Basics

HRMS (Human Resource Management Software) is a cloud-based software that automates the process of HR management. Which includes Human resource management, payroll management, and performance management. HRMS enables the management of several HR functions through information technology. One of the key features of HRMS is that it can drastically boost the productivity of an organization. By saving a lot of time spent in the daily manual data processing. Automation of time-consuming tasks associated with HR management shifts the focus of HR from these mundane tasks to building culture and improving the employee experience.

How HRMS can help you :

The Function of HRMS is managing employees’ data. That can be categorized broadly in three sections HR Management, payroll management, and employee performance management.

HR management

HR management refers to managing human capital by time & attendance management, leave management, policy management, document management, task management, workflow management, employee helpdesk, and employee self-service. All of these tasks if done manually will require manpower and a lot of time. Any error in this data can have some negative effect on the organization which can even sometimes lead to a lawsuit.

Payroll management

Payroll mistakes happen commonly due to a lot of workload on the HR department. This results in taking a toll on the morale of the employee and ultimately productivity. Ensuring timely payment of salary and adhering to various laws and regulations such as PF, labor law, PT, retirement benefits and statutory compliances is a very crucial part of HR management. Not following these things can lead to serious consequences. That could land the company in financial as well as legal trouble. Using HRMS for payroll not only saves a lot of time and manual error but also keeps employees and stakeholders happy.

Some of the benefits of HRMS payroll :

Easy handling

Managing payroll can be a tiresome process. HRMS makes this task very easy that lets’ HR focus on various other aspects of HR management.

Employee self-service

In HRMS due to the employee service portal, there is very little chance of error. As employees themself enter their details, it reduces the whole manual intervention of data. which reduces the chances of error. Makes this whole process less time consuming errorless and more secure as well.

Integration with attendance and leave management

HRMS integrates with time, attendance, and leaves. This makes payroll accounting more easily, without worrying about possible exceptions in expected salary structure. In the absence of this integration in payroll, the payroll officer needs to manually enter the various exceptions in expected data.

Performance management

There is a famous quote which says “If u can’t measure it, you can’t improve it”. HRMS these days comes with a performance management system, that involves a systematic approach to track employee performance. This can be done by setting and tracking expected goals. Tracking goals not only motivates employees but it also allows managers to get an understanding of current performance and abilities of employees. Some of the common features of HRMS are creating goals, succession Planning, 360 review, rewards and recognition, employee engagement, performance appraisals, performance dashboard, customizable reports.

Some of the key benefits of a performance management system :

Motivate employees

analyzing performance helps in identifying good performers. So those good performers could be rewarded. This will make every employee realize that the company rewards your hard work and achievement, and many employees will be encouraged to improve.

Improving performance

Evaluation of performance helps in making good employees better. It also helps in identifying employees who need some training. In other words, it has a remedial application as well.

Morale and retention

When employees are motivated and consistently awarded for their achievement. They are more likely to be loyal to an organization. This will not only improve employee retention but also end up cutting labor costs. Many expenses and loss of productivity which happens due to poor employee retention could be overcome.

Conclusion :

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