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From the time when an employee applies for a company to when they exit, they go through several processes and routines. Be it the initial stages of onboarding or the midlife grind of one’s job tenure, several experiences shape up an employee’s life and career.

How can we help?

  • Hiring:
    Job Applications, Requirements Checker, Application Status are now all built-in our platform. Giving an omnichannel experience to an employee right from the start.
  • Onboarding:
    Ease is a major necessity of a Gen Z Job Applicant. With Zimyo, now provide them the Ease in Onboarding they are looking for.
  • Professional Life:
    Company Announcements, Issue Reporting, Expense Tracking & Leave Tracker to make sure that the work-life of your employee keeps floating smoothly
  • Work Productivity:
    Work logs, Brag Tags, and Goal Tracker have a huge impact on your employee productivity.
  • Work-Life Balance:
    Travel Requests, Travel Expense, Birthday Reminders, Reward Coupons & Gift Cards will keep each employee balanced.
  • Family care:
    No need to hire a babysitter. Family Wellness, Parenting Resources, Parental Leaves, and Onsite Childcare provides you the functionality right here.
  • Health & Fitness:
    Remind your employees to take a fitness break. Coupled with a mental health meter, an employee can rate his mood and work satisfaction time to time
  • Financial Well-Being:
    Be it Investments, EPF, EPS, EMI, or Mutual Funds, do it all from our Employee Experience Platform.
  • Growth Prospects:
    Career Mobility, Career Switch, MOOC Requests, and Performance-Driven Appraisals, right there on our Dashboard.
  • LMS: Data-Driven LMS that suggests employees courses coupled with MOOC Coupons and Rich Interactive Media.
  • Enterprise Social Media:
    For employees to know thy workplace neighbors.
  • Digital Wellbeing:
    Digital Well-Being to remind employees to go take a walk coupled with Digital Karma.
  • Productivity Tools:
    Federated Search, Platform Integration, M2H Helper, and a Goal Planner to boost productivity.
  • IT Support:
    IT Support Panel along with progress tracker.
  • Off-Boarding:
    Tools like Access Revocation, Handover Checklist, Assets Portal & Compliance Checker make offboarding as smooth as a breeze.

Improve your employee managment process from onboarding to offboarding with Zimyo HR software.

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