Why is there a need for HRMS?

Today, organizations are continuously developing and multiple new ventures are establishing day-by-day. But along with the pace of development, numerous difficulties in managing Human Resources are also coming into light. HR department gets so drowned in workload that their efficiency gets compromised. To aid this problem and to make your HR processes function smoothly in an organization, HRMS would be helpful.

What is HRMS?

Human Resources Management Software or HRMS is the comprehensive term used for software and associated hardware, which is widely used for the automation of human resources functions in business organizations. You might find different acronyms for the same software but they all fulfill the same purpose as an HR System and HRIS (Human Resource Information System). It is the support system for your HR team, enhancing their productivity, efficiency, and accuracy.

Why will you need a HRMS?

Sticking up to traditional methods of hiring and recruiting, managing payroll and employee information is acting as a speed breaker in your way in attaining maximum efficiency when your staff will be engaged in doing those tasks that can easily be done automatically with the software at your service. Embracing HRMS will fulfill every need your HR department such as:-

Systematic management of employee information

Managing employee information along with statistics and other HR functions is undoubtedly a tedious job, especially when you have a heavy workload. Jeopardizing accuracy is never an option here. HRMS ensures that appropriate and updated information of the employees is being maintained.

Manpower Planning

HRMS module assists you with-

  • Payroll Management
  • Managing Attendance Records and Tracking absenteeism
  • Evaluation of performance
  • Supports administration
  • Strengthening Management
  • Employee Scheduling
  • Workforce Management
  • Learning and Development
  • Talent Management
  • HR analytics, etc.

When you have automated software to perform all these functions then manpower planning for sure becomes much more convenient.

Reduced Errors and Risk

We all are aware that humans are prone to mistakes. The paper-based method is more prone to errors with greater risks. But your company can’t afford to lose business and money over HR data/compliance errors. So having software working for you with inbuilt, automated commands will make chances of occurrence of errors appreciably low and when you have a cloud-based HR Software, then your complete information is saved and can be accessed from anywhere, anytime through a secured sign-on process.

Employee Self Service

Employee self-service refers to the technology that allows employees to handle their multiple requirements related to human resources, information technology, and administration on their own. HRMS comes bundled along with an Employee Self Service portal that gives them access to all their data, which was proved to be practically beneficial to employees on several grounds and saves HR’s time allowing them to concentrate on more critical tasks.

Establishing security

Storing sensitive information about your business and volumes of employee’s personal information with a reliable source is of utmost importance. HRMS provides you security which is more convenient than the paper-based traditional system.  

Prompt and easy reporting

HRMS collects and centralizes complete information about employees, pairs it with powerful filters and graphical representations, and allows managers to acquire any report related to the workforce based on a variety of frameworks. It also produces easily accessible, rich, and insightful reports empowering managers to come up with quality decisions.

Compliance with labor laws

 There is a broad range of labor laws, statutory compliances, tax codes, and other regulations of which HR has to take care of. HRMS solutions keep track of changes concerned with regulations, notifies managers for making sure that they are complying with the latest updates.

Having a Competitive advantage

HRMS also turns out to be a source of competitive advantage as most organizations are beginning to recognize the importance and benefits it gives you. Yet only a few are doing something about it. 

This shows that for meeting the pace of rapid changes in this corporate world and fulfilling your requirements, HRMS will be your biggest support system. No matter how many problems are being faced by your company, it can be solved by HRMS to a large extent. So the time has come to come out of our traditional shell and step into the new world led by the power of technology by adopting HRMS.  

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