How can HRMS software help remote workers?

What is HRMS?

HR technology (aka Human Resources Technology) is a catchall term used for any software and hardware implemented by the company to oversee and assist its HR functions.

HRMS is by far the most commonly used system. It is readily available from a variety of sources and can be customized according to the company’s preference.

What is remote working?

Remote working is when employees don’t have to come to the office to make progress in their work. They can instead choose to work from outside the premises of the company. This is especially useful in cases of emergencies or when a rapid response is needed.

How can HRMS software help remote workers?

There are several possible ways by which an HRMS software can help remote workers work efficiently. Its discussed below:

Improved time and attendance management

Having an HRMS based time and attendance system will greatly help the managers improve on how they can track the working hours of the employees and also ensures that no employee will be underpaid or overpaid based on work hours. Having a system set up where the managers can tell exactly when and where the employees are working helps to manage overtime and ensure compliance with labor laws. Zimyo HRMS provides you this feature that helps to manage the time and attendance of your employees.

Instant feedback 

Some HRMS systems have an option to get instant feedback from the employees. Since frequent communication can be an issue while working from home, this tool can allow managers to gauge how the employees are doing, their stress levels, any emergencies they might have, etc. This is especially important so that managers can talk to the employees about work conditions, ongoing projects, etc.

Empowers employees

Employees feel better when they feel they have more control over the current situation. Enabling and using features like leave management, feedback, and open lines of communication to their superiors and colleagues, etc. helps boost employee morale. As it allows the employees to view and edit their info, it also results in time saved for HR. Zimyo HRMS is focused on empowering the employees and providing them the best employee experience in an organization.

Facilitate easier reviews

HRMS can result in an easier review process for managers and employees. Instead of reviews taking place annually or quarterly, they can be monthly or bi-monthly due to the different situations. As the employee will most probably be working from home, the review will also not take up much time and not cause a disruption. The review can also be stored in the database for further appraisal.

Streamlines Leave Management

Leave management features of an HR software lets managers see when employees will be off and why. Knowing when employees are taking leave helps managers plan better and also gives the employees peace of mind that their absence is being known as a proper leave and not them just being lazy. It also helps to avoid any misunderstandings later.

Helps Companies Save Money

Using HRMS can save companies a lot of money by simply lessening manpower and labor requirements for a lot of the work. Also, this lessens the work on upper and middle management since this system can be easily used by anyone with even a modicum of training. Using an HRMS system is much easier than managing all the employees manually. This saves companies money on general utilities, insurance of furniture and other important articles, and other associated misc. costs.


Hiring may have slowed down globally, but your company may still be looking for new hires. Since in-person interviews are out of the question in almost every part of the world, telephonic interview or skype interviews are the new media of choice. HRMS can help in advancing and streamlining this process by using all the inbuilt features it has. Many HRMS packages provide recruitment management software, social media tracking, and other necessary features. Therefore the company may have to implement these features on their own.


While the current COVID scenario may have thrown a wrench in the daily operations of many companies, it doesn’t have to mean that all your work must be stalled. Remote working is a very good alternative that can cover a variety of situations, especially when coupled with a good HRMS system.

Even after the current situation blows over, the infrastructure for remote working has been established. This means that employees can continue with this practice in the future, benefitting both the employees and the company.

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