How Employers can Survive Through The Recent Coronavirus Pandemic?

The recent pandemic of COVID-19 has not only led to lives hanging but has also led livelihoods to limbo. All employers are fighting against a grave situational crisis of how to save the business as well as retain their employees. Many unprecedented challenges are being faced by companies, big or small, during these testing times.
The nationwide lockdown has negatively impacted all the MSMEs in the recent past. It has been observed that a standardized travel advisory has been issued to Indian employers across the country for it to get implemented with an immediate effect. The muffling state of affairs has drawn the attention of various organizations towards revamping and redesigning HR policies with the inclusion of Saas based platforms like Zimyo.

Developing A Strategic Plan To Manage The Work At The Workplace.

Moreover, when the offices reopen, there will be formulated a set of guidelines as precautions. These include social distancing and maintaining proper hygiene which is a must-have. State governments along with the big names are drawing and forming the strategic plans for implementation of the same. It would be challenging for them to develop the said plan designed to manage key workplace issues like the health and safety of the employees. This will be prescribed under the umbrella of HR policies.
The norms will not be restricted only to the factories, where setting up of the community kitchens and residences of workers will be arranged. Rather, it will extend and rise to the middle level and higher management of the companies as well.

Reframing of HR Policies

Shortly, one will look at organizations, restructuring, and reformulating the HR policies. Most likely, these will include remote working, attendance, and inclusion of the Saas software for HR to name a few. They will also develop SOP (Standard Operating Procedure ) for the middle-level companies. The existing policies by the Human Resources department of various companies are expected to undergo the necessary variations.
Zimyo HRMS Helps Tracking Business Performance And Employee Issues.
SaaS-enabled HR Technology helps to track business performance and employee issues, both. As the COVID-19 Pandemic remains unprecedented for all the companies, including employee relations and HR teams, it is time we let technology have an upper hand in the process.

Employee productivity is the key aspect to focus on during these testing times. The reason backing the above statement is because it is tough to measure and analyze the productivity of employees working remotely. On similar grounds with a different yet interesting approach, Saas-based solutions for these torrid times become easy to use by startups, small and medium businesses, and enterprises.
There is various software specifically designed for employee relation management, payroll, and recruitment. One of the other key aspects is managing finance through the discussed software. Zimyo provides customized Saas based platforms to organizations, responsible for cost reduction and increased output.

HR software enables you to have an in-built template, monitoring activity chart of the employees, reporting time, and a hassle-free recruitment process. The detailed investigation through the database leads to the availability of structured data and analytics. It will help in efficiently analyzing the revenue model, costs incurred on the maintenance of employee relations, and future growth.

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