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Those times have changed when employees were not treated with respect; now in the 21st century, special measures are taken by organizations to make sure that there is no violation of employee rights at any point. Having a healthy and strong working business-employee relationship is essential for the growth of any organization however big or small. Research has shown that employees are more likely to be efficient in their work if they have a strong understanding of the relationship with their employers.

For the same reason, every organization has a human resource department in a place whose function is to take care of every employee-related need. The human resource department works as a mediator between the employee and the organization right from their recruitment till termination from the organization, and sometimes even after that.

To have a productive and happy employee, there must be a trusting relationship between the employee and the boss. According to a Harvard business review survey, 58% of employees said that they’d trust a stranger more than their boss. It is a shocking number that shows the reality of the relationship between an employee and an employer. Thus, it becomes essential to build a strong business-employee relationship. 

  1. Build a bond of trust

Sometimes a small gesture of kindness goes a long way and helps to build you a strong and trusting relationship with your employees. There are many things that one can do to build trust amongst employees and the boss such as communicating well, keeping an open-door policy, and being transparent when you approach your employees.

  1. Merge the communication gap

Communication is one of the most important factors in any relationship, and that applies to the employee-boss relationship as well. Having an open and good conversation at the workplace helps the employer to understand employees’ needs and sentiments. Communication at the workplace shouldn’t limit to just emails. Employers should go out of their way to allow employees with an opportunity to communicate their concerns. Weekly meetings, constant feedback, and hearing out employees would help build trust between boss and employee.

  1. Appreciate your employees 

It is important to appreciate your employees for all the hard work they put in to complete work. There are various ways in which employers can show their appreciation towards employees, which would boost their confidence and give them some motivation to work harder. A simple gesture of ‘Thank You’ is sometimes what an employee needs. In addition to that, bonuses, extra points, few words of appreciation work as well.

  1. Have a learning attitude

Employers mustn’t have the attitude that “Boss is always right”. Having a learning attitude will help employees feel more comfortable communicating with you and keeping forward their ideas, which is beneficial for all. It also develops a feeling of oneness in the employees and reassures them that they’re not very different than their employers.

Thus, for the growth of any organization, employers should have an open, trusting, and respectful relationship with employees. It’s proven that employees are more likely to perform well if there’s a better business-employee relationship.


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