The Secret to a great HRMS: Improving Employee Experience

“In order to build a rewarding employee experience, you need to understand what matters most to your people.” – Julie Bevacqua

Human Resources have been the fundamental pillar and backbone towards establishing and building profitable businesses. Even when we go back thousands of years, it’s people(human resources) that have made kings great. A happy and satisfied Human Resource is the first step in staying ahead of your competitors.

In recent years, technology has made human tasks easier and easier. All we see around us is technology. And Human Resource Management is one such sector that has witnessed a rapid infusion of technology, thereby, automating and completely transforming the sector. Businesses are now incorporating a fully-automated Human Resource Management System. But before we discuss how an employee-centric Hr Software can help an organization reach its full potential, here’s a brief overview of ‘What is an HRMS’: 

What is an HRMS?

HRMS(Human Resource Management System) as the name suggests is an automated management software which takes care of all the day-to-day tasks like payroll management, performance management, and other services alongside maintaining all the Human Resource data at a secure centralized place. But the question to ask here is ‘why shift from traditional manual reporting to an automated HRMS?’ Now let’s move further and see how an HRMS can help achieve a much happier and dedicated workforce by elevating Employee Experience(EX):

Human Resource Management System: Improving Employee Experience:

Millennials are transforming every industry and Employee Experience(EX) has gained quite some reputation in the corporate culture in recent years. Employee’s now more than even list good EX as the topmost priority when considering a new job. And it is the job of HR Management to maintain a healthy and employee-friendly work culture. With all the advancements in technology, to ensure EX has become even easier, all you need is an employee-centric HRMS. So how an automated HRMS incorporation guarantees a better EX:

  • Employee Data Security: 

In today’s world, Data is everything and to guarantee an employee Data Security is the first step in building a trustworthy employer-employee relationship. An HRMS can make this task a lot easier by maintaining all candidate records in a database that is protected under multiple layers of security. Moreover, an HRMS also offers easy access to employees to their data ranging from Payroll to Personal Data to other job-related data, under one roof.

  • Improved Onboarding Experience:

‘The first impression is the last impression’ has proved to be true in most test cases and the same goes with employee onboarding experience. A study by Harvard Business Review states that 33 percent of new joiners go on a job hunt within the first few months of their new job and this can be linked with how their onboarding experience was. But with an HRMS, you don’t need to worry anymore about this as it ensures that employees don’t have to go through unnecessary paperwork and documentation, thereby welcoming them gracefully.

  • Improved Internal Communication(Personal Relationship)(Helpdesk, ESS):

To create a healthy employee experience, internal(personal) communication acts as the foundation stone. 

Wherein employees get the chance to share their concerns and get positive responses for the same. With services like Employee Helpdesk and Employee Self Service Portal, an HRMScan 

Help employees in raising tickets for any work-related problem which can further improve EX. It makes employees feel more empowered and helps them boost their morale.

An ESS gives each employee the power to manage their data on their own which eliminates all manual reporting discrepancies.  

  • Training and Performance Management(Skill Development):

Every individual loves self-appreciation at times to keep themselves motivated.

To ensure this, learning new techs and developing alongside the organization is the key. A full-fledged HRMS can be used to track employee performance and also conduct the required training sessions to achieve company goals. An employee is more likely to stick with an organization that offers the chance to let them grow professionally, broadening their skillset.

  • Appraisal Management(Rewards and Recognition):

One of the prerequisites of keeping a hard-working and dedicated employee stick with your organization is recognizing and rewarding them. An employee goes out looking for a new job in either of the two cases:

  • No job satisfaction 
  • No further opportunities for personal and professional growth.

         However, manually it is almost impossible to judge the performance and growth of an employee. But, as discussed above, using an HRMS, tracking the performance of each employee is just a click away which can be used to offer appraisals and rewards accordingly. 

  • Loans and Advances: 

Managing and maintaining a record of loans and other monthly payments manually is a heavy set of burdens to carry in addition to daily workload and activities. But a great leader ensures that their workforce is free of such burden and with the right choice of HRMS, they can further assure that employees get their loans and advance data managed under one book which requires no manual work and is also error-free.  

  • Surveys and Polls:

Conducting regular surveys and polls in any organization and welcoming employee feedback can be a great step towards enhancing the employee experience. But manually doing so causes a ruckus and to avoid such situations organisations should use an HRMS which offers automated surveys and polls. Surveys can help organizations in focusing on recognizing their weak and strong points and then work accordingly to make the necessary amendments.

  • On-time Salary Disbursal:

No matter how good a company treats an employee, at the end of the day money is always the topmost priority. Every employee wants to be paid timely without unnecessary salary delays. When opting for manual reporting, it can get hectic to disburse the salary of so many employees timely. On the contrary, choosing an HRMS can ease-off the task to a great extent as employee salaries can be scheduled accordingly which guarantees on-time delivery to employees.


Employees are the wheels of an organization that makes it run. It is really important to treat them well as they work hard every day to architect a vision into reality. Just like employees are wheels, efficient management of Human Resources is the fuel that boosts these wheels. And with the technological advancements, ways of management are also changing. In this new world, we simply can’t depend on manual processing as it consumes both the time and energy of employees. To ensure an employee-friendly environment, an automated HRMS is the need of the hour and why it is what we have already discussed in-depth.

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