Good Employee Experience Story [July 14 – July 20]

The world needs more good news! That’s why we’ve decided to gather some good Human Resources (HR) and Employee Experience (EX) stories every week to inspire you and make you feel hopeful about the future.

  • No salary cut during lockdown, carmakers hands out pays hikes and promotions to workers. (Source: Economic Times)
  • Cognizant India on the lookout for a new CMD. (Source: Hindustan Times)
  • Microsoft trims jobs across geographies as it enters the new fiscal year. (Source: Hindustan Times)
  • TCS, Infosys, Wipro, HCL Increase Lateral Hiring Of Outsiders Even As Fewer Employees Are Leaving! (Source:
  • ThriveNYC is recruiting new staff despite the city’s hiring freeze. (Source: NY Post)
  • Elon Musk Is Hiring Engineers for Neurotechnology Firm Neuralink. (Source: Interesting Engineering)
  • ALTRES Medical hiring flu vaccinators and registrars for schools. (Source: KITV)
  • Rossari Biotech is hiring ⁠— and the company’s average salary is ₹10 lakh per year. (Source: Business Insider)
  • Despite hiring freeze, Fort Bend County fills 57 positions, posts 66 job openings. (Source: Eyewitness News)
  • Cabinet nod to hiring 798 domain experts in Punjab Police. (Source: Tribune India)
  • BCCI may hire three new GMs now. (Source: The Times of India)
  • Infosys to on-board 20,000 freshers in FY21 as COVID-19 freeze lifts, COO Pravin Rao says. (Source: Money Control)
  • Merrill Lynch Resumes Hiring Advisor Trainees. (Source: Barron’s)
  • Chipotle Hiring Thousands As Economic Recovery Begins. (Source: CBS Denver)
  • Google announces a $10 billion investment to digitize India, PM Modi lauds effort. (Source: Hindustan Times)
  • Covid-19 impact: Edtech start-ups switch to hiring mode amid record growth. (Source: Business Standard)

There are a million stories like this that we don’t know about, but they sure deserve all our respect. If you know any such story, please share it with us. We would love to tell the world about more positive news!

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