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Benefits of HRM Software

Do you use HR software or HRM Software? If not then you are missing out on huge benefits of HRM Software that can be offered to your organization. It not only automates management but also simplifies the HR day to day operations and saves a lot of time for HR professionals. Here is the list of top benefits HRMS offers to any company.  Following are the benefits of HRM Software:

Centralized database 

Collecting, storing, and analyzing information is a very crucial part of the HR department. As data is stored in a single system called the employee database management system. On the other hand, storing data traditional way in spreadsheet and files aren’t only inaccessible but a big security risk also. Modern HRMS integrates with payroll, performance, and other modules, all information available through a single centralized system that makes managing the workforce easy and fluid. 

Secure database 

HRMS are cloud-based where the database is stored in servers, which makes it more secure as compared to storing in hard drives. The data gets backed up automatically and can be recovered easily in case data gets lost. 

Managing performance

There are certain metrics used by management to track employees’ performance quantitatively. Those metrics are called key performance indicators or KPIs. Most commonly used KPIs are:

  • Employee retention: Companies spend a huge amount of money and time in attracting great talents. Keeping employee attrition rate low is one the primary goal of every business either it be a big enterprise or startup. The HR software helps in keeping track of employee attrition.
  • Timesheet records: Timesheets track time employees spent on any particular task. Record of time spent by employees in achieving their goals measures the workforce efficiency of the organization. 
  • Attendance: HRMS records time and attendance, which can be used to track employee behavior. If any employee is taking too many leaves, managers and team leaders should provide support and ask the employee if there is any problem he is facing. This not only makes employees feel valued but also improves coordination between managers and the workforce. 

Better employee management

HRMS sets the HR department free by automating repetitive mundane manually performed tasks. HRMS automates company workflow by a lot of features. 

  • Attendance management and timesheet: With employee clock-in and out facility attendance management becomes fully automated and this integrates with payroll and performance management software. This makes the whole workflow errorless as there isn’t any need to manually feed attendance data. 
  • Payroll management: Any human mistake in payroll can be the downfall for an organization that can lead to a legal penalty in case of any error in statutory guidelines and compliances. Late salary can reduce employee morale and can cost a company its reputation. 
  • Recruiting and onboarding: From onboarding to onboarding, HRMS tracks, and stores the information during the whole employee life cycle. Modern HR software comes with trending features such as the ATS system which makes the tiresome process of hiring smooth and easy. ATS or application tracking system tracks the progress of employees during the whole phase of hiring and keeps them connected and informed about every update.
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