All you need to know about the Applicant Tracking System(ATS)?

Many companies used an Applicant Tracking System(ATS) to meet human resources, recruitment, and hiring needs. Job seekers are always left helpless when not heard anything back though after submitting countless job applications. In such scenarios, the hiring companies use the software that collects the applications and acts as a mediator between a corporate recruiter and a job interview.

What is Applicant Tracking System?

To manage the job applications, the employees use a software called Applicant Tracking System, also called ATS. ATS enables the recruiting team to hire faster and stay more organized during the process. It not only helps you manage the recruitment and hiring process but also helps you in the job postings and job applications. Applicant Tracking System, as the name implies, tracks the candidates through the hiring process. It helps in scheduling the interviews, issuing notification alerts, and sending automated mailers to the candidates.

ATS conducts a preliminary analysis of the applicants to find the best suitable fit for the job. An Applicant Tracking System is built to help you to manage every stage of the recruitment, right from application to hire, in a better and efficient manner.

Why should I go for ATS?

With a good ATS system, you have the power to overhaul your entire staffing operation into a most productive, profitable, and efficient business. It may help to increase the recruiter’s productivity, structure your staffing operations, and saves time. Therefore, firms with the help of ATS can go for:

  • Less time wastage
    • Faster report creation
    • Less time filling for applications
    • More placements per month

How does the ATS process work?

An employer can manage each and every step of the hiring process, right from writing the job ad to making a job offer. The ATS helps to streamline your job postings and creates profiles for each candidate. ATS helps you keep a track of the activities that take place around the candidate. Such software keeps the candidates engaged, updates the job seekers on their status, and alerts them if any information is required.

An Applicant Tracking System uses technology ranging from keyword matching to a resume, sending an applicant a series of questions to help them learn more about the candidate. Being collaborative, ATS allows anyone involved in the hiring process to stay abreast of the progress in filling a job, as well as make a recruiter contribute to a candidate selection discussion.

Apart from the application submission and resume parsing, the ATS is also helpful in the other stages of the hiring, i.e., screening and interviewing. The software is designed in such a way to help recruiters to speed up their time to fill and provide a candidate a better experience. All the data gets stored at a centralized platform, allowing recruiters as well as the hiring managers to collaborate easily.

Robust applicant tracking system integrates with the background check providers for easy checks and authorizations, sends offer letters, and can help you predict the performance of your company. While ATS is designed to work in their way, they all have a common goal to streamline the hiring process and increase productivity.

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