Types Of Informal Communication | Meaning

What is Informal Communication in the Workplace?

Informal communication strategies are used to casually communicate information within a social group. A household, a group of friends or coworkers, or one or more strangers might form the social group. Informal communications are not part of an organization’s official structure. Informal interactions include chats about the weather, writing an email about your vacation, and a variety of other topics. Gestures are another kind of informal communication. Informal workplace contact is rather widespread. 

Types Of Informal Communication

  • Single Strand Chain – The knowledge is passed down a chain of people in this sort of grapevine communication. The chain is usually rather lengthy.
  • Gossip Chain – In Gossip Chain, one individual actively disseminates information to others. In this communication, a circle or wheel-like symbol is generated. When communicating non-job-related information, the Gossip Chain is typically employed.
  • Probability Chain – It is a randomized process in which information can be sent from one person to another according to the rule of probability. Naturally, with this style of communication, certain members of the organization will be informed while others stay beyond the communication’s scope.   
  • Cluster Chain Cluster chain is the most common and prominent grapevine communication pattern. This kind involves one person telling information to a group of trusted individuals. Some of these people may inform a small number of other people.
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