Temp-to-hire | Meaning and Definition

A temp-to-hire refers to a position in which an employee or individual is recruited for a temporary period. After this span, the employee becomes eligible to acquire a full-time role. During this period, an employer can observe and determine whether the employee is suitable for the position or organization or not. Moreover, an employee can also gauge the work environment and know if he/ she would want to join the company full-time or not. 

Why consider a temp-to-hire strategy?

First off, temp to hire strategy allows organizations to assess the potential of employees directly. Hiring people this way helps enterprises save money, time, and nuisances that a bad hire brings about. One of the best techniques to discover temp-to-hire employees is by contacting a reputed staffing agency. These agencies work by pre-screening the potential job candidates before forwarding their CVs and resumes to the business which is recruiting them. Temp agencies help expedite the hiring process to a substantial extent.

Perks of temp-to-hire strategy

Using a temp-to-hire structure helps companies in filling the job positions fairly quickly compared to a conventional open-source method. Moreover, temporary employees get an opportunity to become familiar with the workplace environment, type of work, expectations of the position, etc. That facilitates them to decide whether to consider the role in the future permanently or not. If a company feels that an employee is not a good fit for the job when working for a temporary period, the option of a permanent job offer can be disregarded or declined.

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