Time-to-Productivity | Meaning and Definition

What is Time-to-productivity?

Time-to-productivity is a crucial HR metric that basically helps you know how quickly new joiners get product and catch up to speed. As soon as you get the data for this metric, it becomes easier and more efficient to gauge the factors that influence it, which further helps HR to identify and retain the top talent. Organizations employ this tool to enhance effectiveness and improve training and development programs in the workplace.

Time-to-productivity metric is instrumental when:

  •   Measuring the success of the hiring process
  •   Making the job descriptions consistent with the workplace’s reality
  •   Judge the training success
  •   Navigate hindrances to productivity


So, how is this factor calculated?

Measuring this metric involves no science. First off, you will need to understand the KPIs (key performance indicators) for every job role in the organization. Doing this will furnish you with consistent, definitive, and clear methods to determine if the new hires have reached their optimum productivity levels. So, as soon as you have got the deadline, measure the gross number of days a new joinee takes to accomplish those KPIs from the beginning. Now, to calculate the average, add the number of days for new joinees over a given period and then divide it by the total number of people recruited.  

This number varies greatly between different job roles and positions within the organization. The entry-level, lower position hires would exhibit distinct time-to-productivity compared to a higher level or managerial roles. Furthermore, the expectations of an organization from people at different levels vary as well. For instance, new hires are allowed time and opportunities for upskilling and catching up the speed, unlike top executives who are expected to instantly run things smoothly. A short-time-to-productivity indicates efficient recruiting procedures, effective development and training of new joinees, and solid onboarding programs. 

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