Rightsizing | Meaning and Definition

What is rightsizing?

Rightsizing meaning is simple as it corresponds to the process of a company’s restructuring in order to operate efficiently, make a profit, and meet business goals and objectives. Companies are often seen rightsizing their business by an approach to reorganize upper management, cut down costs, reduce their workforce as well as change job roles.

Downsizing in HRM

Downsizing is an action taken during an emergency, and it corresponds to times of economic hardships so as to enable the company to maintain the usual profits. Companies are often seen downsizing their overall workforce cost and preventing redundancies.

On the other hand, rightsizing focuses on meeting updated business goals and objectives. The procedure involves restructuring to find the perfect structure and size for the organization, and it does not always comply with reducing the number of employees.

Rightsizing the workforce

Rightsizing the workforce simply stands for the process of reorganizing employee structure and redefining job descriptions to properly provide assistance to the company to reach its goals by maintaining efficiency.

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