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SaaS | Meaning and Definition

What is SaaS?

SaaS stands for Software as a Service. It provides the framework that presents the software service or application to the customers. Under the offering of the SaaS-based technology, the software is not sold by the vendor but is simply lent to the customer via the internet/cloud. It is not like the installation of on-premise software. The users and customers can have easy access to the information via web or mobile applications from anywhere around the world if they have their login credentials. Sometimes, SaaS applications are also known as hosted software, on-demand software, as well as web-based software.

Known by different names, the SaaS applications run on the servers of a SaaS provider. The SaaS applications do not rely on any device but only on the internet as they are cloud-based technology. Using the login credentials, the users can use the SaaS applications by simply logging in from any compatible device, namely mobile, laptop, tablet, or computer, using the internet. The SaaS applications run through the cloud servers that may be present at a distant location from the location of the user.

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