RPO | Meaning and Definition

What is RPO?

It abbreviates to Recruitment Process Outsourcing. It is the full or partial outsourcing of the functions of internal recruitment to a specialist provider of a third party. The third-party works in providing the activities, technologies, necessary skills, tools, and other related recruitment chain partners that are supplied. It also consists of the process methodologies that assume the client’s role for the recruitment department by managing and owning its recruitment process, which also includes the relationship of the related partner for the recruitment supply chain. RPO is a common process used as a procedure for the recruitment of direct higher personnel.

What are the benefits of RPO?

Here are some of the benefits: 

  • The process is cost-efficient.
  • This method aims at the recruitment of higher quality talent.
  •  It provides scalable, agile permanent recruitment.
  •  RPO serves as a better strategic insight. It also enhances the planning of the workforce as an efficient recruitment process.
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