Inpatriate | Meaning and Definition

What is an inpatriate?/Define an inpatriate.

An inpatriate meaning is simple as it refers to the employee who is ordered to transfer to the headquarters of the home country from a foreign subsidiary of a multinational company. The work with which the employee is provided is often long-term. The inpatriates work outside their country of origin. He/she is transferred to the country which has the headquarters of the corporation he/she works in from its foreign subsidiary, which is also his/her origin country.


Example of Inpatriate

A citizen from India who is permanently or temporarily staying and performing his work in a different country, suppose the US, is considered to be an inpatriate.


Benefits of Inpatriate

Many of the inpatriates are with benefits in several nations available under the inpatriate coverage, which includes:

  •   Security and travel assistant services,
  •   Political and natural disaster evacuation,
  •   Medical, dental, and emergency treatment benefits.
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