In-mail | Meaning and Definition

In-mail meaning

A private message, when featured on the social platform LinkedIn, is termed an in-mail. The feature is available only when it is paid for except for the premium members as the recipient hailing from the OpenLink network. This feature enables a user to send private messages to other members/users on LinkedIn without any sort of connections, that is to say to strangers as well. It resembles the normal electronic mails; however, the only difference is that an in-mail is an email ad on the LinkedIn platform.

When an in-mail message is sent, it is immediately delivered to the web-based inbox of the recipient on his/her LinkedIn account. Despite all these, the process is guarded with privacy as the sender never gets to know about the address of the recipient. Hence, it provides privacy to both parties. After sending the in-mail, now it is the choice of the recipient whether to ignore or respond to it. The recipient has the privilege to view the sender’s profile. An in-mail cost is different for normal members and premium members. The cost also depends upon the different audiences being targeted.

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