Inbound Recruiting | Meaning and Definition

What is inbound recruiting?

It is a process by which an organization attracts, engages, and hires relevant and high-quality talents, and this involves using proper content, marketing materials, social content, and SEO to reach the right target audience to let them engage with your brand and join your hiring pool when they are readily available for a job.

What is the process of inbound recruiting?

Ø  Defining the right candidate persona.

Ø  Begin a proactive sourcing strategy.

Ø  Identify and utilize the right platform that works best for your ideal candidate (Your web analytics team could help you with insight on the source of past applicants or people who visited your career page.

Ø  Making connections with them – Reach out to them via personalized messages.

Ø  Use appropriate marketing material – Build relevant materials to attract relevant people.

Ø  Establish relationships rather than advertisements.

Ø  Be patient.

Ø  Converting to hiring leads.

Ø  Measure your program impact and improvise your inbound recruiting strategy based on feedback.

Benefits of inbound recruiting

Ø  It is a non-invasive method of hiring – People have a choice to look into the content or ignore it.

Ø  Better brand impact.

Ø  Inexpensive means of communication.

Ø  Reaching out to top talents easily.

Ø  Helps you to quickly fill your vacant positions over time.

Ø  Easily approachable.


Ø  Not suited for short-term recruitment strategies.

Ø  Opportunity cost is more (Irrelevant candidates may also try and send their resume for a chance).

Ø  You need to wait a while for the right candidate to approach you for a while.

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