E-Recruitment | Meaning and Definition

What is E-recruitment?

E-recruitment is a modern-day recruitment process where the whole recruitment process is done through a virtual system and procedure. All the steps of the hiring process like marketing, assessing, selecting specific applicants, and onboarding them, all these processes are completed through a fully online/virtual procedure. 

Advantages of E-recruitment: 

In this 21st-century virtualized world, E-recruitment has many significant and logical advantages. Some of those advantages are mentioned and discussed here: 

E- recruitments are quite cost-efficient. Even a small organization can run their whole recruitment process using some online softwares and a few other things like that. This shows the cost-efficient side of E-recruitment.

Employers and employees can get easily in touch with each other through an E-recruitment process. This helps both sides and ultimately makes the hiring process easier and more seamless. 

As the E-recruitment process is completely online/virtual, it helps to get in touch with a wider range of applicants and makes the hiring process way more versatile. Even applicants from different countries have the chance to get hired here if they have the required abilities and skills, which is a really good thing. These are some key advantages of E-recruitment.

E-recruitment over traditional recruitment process: E-recruitment mainly came into action and gained fame during the covid-19 outbreak in 2020. But after seeing its efficiency and cost-effectiveness, many companies are choosing E-recruitment over the traditional recruitment process, and many other companies are completely replacing the traditional recruitment process with this E-recruitment process which shows that in this 21st-century virtual, web-based world, E-recruitment is way more logical and efficient in most of the fields compared to the traditional recruitment process. 

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