Contingency Recruiting | Meaning and Definition

What is Contingency recruiting?

When a business engages a recruitment firm or a contract recruiter to locate applicants for an available position, this is known as contingent recruiting. The recruiting agency or contractor is only paid if the organization hires a candidate they found. Recruiting fees are usually approximately 15%-20% of the pay of the post being filled.

Contingency recruitment is a good recruiting tactic for the following reasons:

  • Fees are reduced with the help of contingency recruiting. You only have to pay your recruiters if you hire a quality applicant; they discover for you if you use contingency recruitment.


  • A quick turnaround is required in today’s time. Contingency recruiters are eager to produce within your deadline if your firm has to fill a vacancy urgently.


  • When you employ contingency recruitment, you won’t require in-house recruiters. You won’t need to expand your workplace to accommodate recruitment professionals if you outsource your recruiting activities.


  • There will be no long-term commitment to this type of recruiting. You don’t have to commit to any agency if you have a terrible experience with their procedure because contingent recruitment services work on a project-by-project basis.
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