Group Interview | Meaning and Definition

Meaning of Group

Group meaning is simple as it is a number of or a collection of people who are together, gathered, or classes together. 

What do you mean by Interview?

A structured conversation having two sides engaged, one side asking questions (interviewer) and the other side providing the answers (interviewee), is termed an interview. It is a one-on-one conversation in common parlance.

What is a Group Interview?

It is of two types, namely a candidate and Panel. Candidate Interview refers to the type of interview where, at the same time, more than two participants are interviewed, whereas Panel Interview refers to the kind that involves a single candidate as the interviewee and more than two or even a group of participants as the interviewers belonging to different departments.

Benefits of Group Interviews

  • They are efficient in saving time.
  • Also, the process enables the interviewers to compare several candidates at a time.
  • They are taken into account when searching for candidates for management or sales roles that require alpha-type personalities.
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