Performance Review | Meaning and Definition

What is performance review or employee performance evaluation?

An employee performance review is an evaluation of an employee’s job performance. It may be conducted by the supervisor or another higher-up in the organization. The review usually includes a discussion of both strong and weak points and goals for improvement. It can be a formal or informal process but should always be constructive and focused on helping the employee improve their performance.


Performance feedback examples

Performance feedback examples can vary based on the employee’s job role and responsibilities. However, some general feedback examples may include the following:


  •   Strong work ethic: Demonstrates a high commitment to meeting goals/exceeding expectations.
  •   Positive attitude: Contributes to a positive work environment.
  •   Good communication skills: Professionally interacts with co-workers and customers.
  •   Collaborative team player: Willingly helps others when needed.
  •   Hard worker: Puts in extra effort to get the job done correctly and efficiently.


Appraisal discussion with the manager

It’s important to approach an appraisal discussion with the manager with a positive attitude and an open mind. Remember, the goal of the meeting is to discuss your progress and potential areas for development.


Here are a few tips to help make the most of your appraisal meeting after the year-end review:


  •   Come prepared with a list of accomplishments and goals you’ve achieved over the past year.
  •   Be prepared to discuss any areas where you may have fallen short or need development help.
  •   Remain positive and constructive – avoid pointing fingers or placing blame.
  •   Stay focused on the conversation at hand – avoid talking about other issues or unrelated work projects.
  •   End on a positive note, thanking your manager for their time.
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