Talent Pipeline | Meaning and Definition

What is the talent pipeline?

A talent pipeline is a pool of prospective candidates, either internal or external, for future job openings. It can be used to describe the process of recruiting and onboarding new employees and developing and nurturing current employees so that they are potential future leaders within the company.

A good talent pipeline should include a variety of potential candidates, from recent graduates to experienced professionals, and it should be constantly updated with the latest information on available jobs and qualified candidates.

Talent pipeline framework

There are a few key steps in the talent pipeline framework:

  •   Identify prospective candidates: You need to know who you’re looking for and where to find them. This might include scanning job boards, LinkedIn, or other online resources and networking with people you know.
  •   Make Initial contact: Once you’ve identified some potential candidates, it’s time to reach out and see if they might be interested in your opportunity. This can be done through email, a phone call, or even an in-person meeting.
  •   Pre-screening of prospects: Not everyone who responds to your initial contact will be a good fit for your company. You’ll need to do a bit of vetting to see if they have the right skills and experience. This might include a phone screen or an initial interview.
  •   Sourcing: After pre-screening your prospects, it’s time to start sourcing them. This involves reaching out to potential candidates and asking them to apply for your open position.
  •   Setting the Interview: Once the company has identified a few potential candidates, they should schedule interviews and evaluate their skills and qualifications.
  •   Making a Job Offer: If the company decides to offer the position to one of the candidates, they will need to extend a job offer.
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